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One thing people with dogs always told me (when trying to convince me to get a dog) is that dogs will help clean your floors.
And of course he enjoys a good ball licking every night when we’re trying to go to sleep. When folks stop over uninvited for dinner, have the kids clear the table and leave the plates on the floor for the dogs to lick clean. Okay, maybe it’s just the resolution on my phone, but that is a spectacular rendition of a dog licking your couch! We had to stop letting our normally sweet dogs do the highchair because they’d get into fights over it. OMG – a friend of mine just told me that her dog was licking herself and they were concerned about it and asked their vet. Oh, I give my two-and-a-half-year-old a little shake to make sure all the macaroni and cheese dislodges from the folds in his pants before I set him down after removing him from the booster seat. When our little guy was first born, we had a cat that would lick all things mesh: the basket under the stroller, the side of the playpen, etc. Then I thought about it and non-dog people probably think my dining room floor is gross and never cleaned. When our first dog passed away a couple years ago, that was the first thing (besides her sweet self) that I missed was her helpful floor licking. Your first concern is to decide whether your four-legged friend's couch, carpet and bed licking qualifies as an obsessive or compulsive behavior.
Start by assuming the problem is too little stimulation and socialization, because it's the most probable explanation for your dog's weird licking behavior, and because there's no downside to increasing attention and activity. Obviously, the reason your canine companion keeps licking the couch, carpet and bed dictates the solution. Early Maternal SeparationDogs who are removed from their mother too early in development can develop compulsive licking later in life. BoredomExcessive licking furniture most often occurs when your dog is relaxed, or even bored. Some house dogs just nervously lick their paws constantly from boredom and a skin infection can set in. And also he is the only person in the house who listens to me every single time I ask him to do something. Someone asked me once how often I clean my floor after the kids eat-after every meal or just the end of the day. Most times she waits until you leave your spot then she hops up, leaves a large wet drool spot so you wont ask for your seat back. While your furry friend naturally explores with her senses of smell and taste, obsessive or compulsive licking indicates a problem.

Difficult as it is to believe, your dog may have a perfectly good reason for licking these surfaces. Dogs lick when they clean themselves and when they want to make sure that they have eaten every last drop of food from their bowl. When continually present, these behaviors can be diagnosed as an obsessive compulsive disorder. While usually not harmful, this behavior appears after puberty and manifests in self directed or external licking when your dog is bored or slightly stressed by his environment. If not much is going on around the dog, he may be licking to provide himself with an activity or stimulation.
However, it is always important to consult a veterinarian, as licking can be a secondary condition for a variety of medical issues. She has worked with children in grades three through 12, providing academic support in the areas of writing and reading comprehension. Or the skin infection can be caused by an allergic reaction to flea bit…es so make sure dog is flea free. He quickly learned that the highest output of tasty morsels are dispensed from the smallest human. One of them also licks the couch as well, but in a more i’m-bored-whatchu-want-from-me way.
The most likely explanations are that your pooch is under-stimulated, under-socialized or experiencing stress and anxiety. Exercise and play with your pooch, get her some new toys, enroll her in a doggy day care, take her to the park, set up pup playdates with a friend's pet, get a compatible second dog or otherwise find ways to stimulate and socialize your dog more. He attended the University of Pittsburgh for English literature and San Francisco State University for creative writing.
Puppies who are separated from their mother at an early age should always be fed in a way that closely mimics natural feeding.
Once you rule out secondary causes, examine if your dog's licking is caused by a particular environmental stressor. If you use a lotion or other topical product with a yummy smell that lingers after you get up off the bed or couch, that's another.
Canine cognitive dysfunction, which is basically dementia in dogs, and other neurological problems also cause obsessive and compulsive licking, as can other illnesses. If boredom and loneliness were causing her to obsessively or compulsively lick the couches, carpet and beds, the behavior should quickly fade away with these sorts of remedies. While licking of the floor or furniture is usually not considered problematic, watch for irritation on the dog's tongue if he is licking a particular rough surface. This can be remedied if you engage your dog in play or exercise to distract him from his bored and relaxed state.

If you are able to identify an environmental trigger, do your best to expose your dog to the trigger in a way that allows your dog to gradually adjust to its presence. However, if your pooch licks for no apparent reason, if she does it often or aggressively and in a repetitious way, if she seems completely spaced out while licking or if you can't interrupt or stop her, it's an obsessive or compulsive behavior.
Allergies, parasitic infections, digestive disorders, pain and other problems can all prompt your pooch to do strange things, including lick your floors and furniture. Some changes can be undone, while others must be adjusted to; for the latter, talk to your vet about relieving your pooch's anxiety with a medication or supplement, aromatherapy, a constrictive canine coat or other measures. You should always mention any unusual behavior to your veterinarian, as she may be able to offer valuable insight or determine if there is a more serious underlying condition. OCD is caused by stress, so to treat this behavior you should eliminate any environmental stressors that cause him to lick in the first place.
If you are unable to completely eliminate the behavior, take solace in the comfort that it is rarely a harmful condition.
Licking your leather sofa will actually dry out the leather, but this is a catch 22, you clean it and condition it, and the smell is stronger, they continue to lick. It would be best to take your dog into your Veterinarian to see what treatment would be best, such as antibiotics with or without some type of steroid such as Prednisone, etc.
It is also important to make sure that your dog has plenty of distractions and exercise throughout the day.
Keep your dog on a once a month flea prevention treatment such as using Frontline or Advantix topically on the skin. There is nothing worse in the morning than waking up to your legs on top of a giant, dog-spit, wet spot on the bed! In the meantime, apply a harmless but unpleasant-smelling dog repellent to your couches, beds and carpeting. If you leave the dog alone during the day where he can sleep on it or lick it, you will undo any of the work you have put into stopping it. I just let it happen, there is no serious damage, and it doesn't happen to the fabric furniture. The best advice is to take your pet to your Veterinarian for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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