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When it comes to determining when exactly to take your wee puppy outdoors post-mealtime, the Humane Society of the United States advises to do so immediately -- no need to wait around.
Taking a small puppy outdoors to use the bathroom after eating and drinking is extremely important. Similarly to small puppies, adult dogs tend to need to eliminate shortly after chowing down, although usually not quite as quickly. I do not recommend puppy parents to use this system unless the puppy is an apartment dog and will continue to use a potty station.
At five to seven weeks, putting a crate in the pen like one they will be using at their new home is recommended.
Using the Misty Method, at seven weeks, the play area has been expanded to its maximum size as they are really playful now, and need room to run, romp and roll. This will be their second visit to the vet; the first was at three days old for an exam and dew claw removal.
Remember, this first set of three booster shots ONLY protects the puppy for you to get this puppy home. Do not change the paper too often in the beginning, as you are creating the odor of an elimination spot to trigger instinct. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author.
Apart from just eating, puppies also need to go outside to eliminate immediately after a variety of other different activities, including drinking water, waking from sleep and energetic play. It has been proven to work best to have the potty area farthest away from where you greet the puppies.
It is recommended that when you first get your puppy at 8 weeks or older, you immediately begin the type of potty training that will be routine, i.e. New puppies should NEVER be socialized outside the family home or your own fenced-in yard (fenced, as you do not want strange dogs eliminating in your yard). I rarely ship via cargo, but if this is the only way, nine weeks would be the very youngest. I recommend that if you are not totally convinced by the second set of shots that this is the vet for you and your new companion, then try a different vet for the third set of shots. The divider also stops the pups from having JUST THEIR FRONT feet on the paper and peeing four inches back on the linoleum floor.
I advise covering poop and pee with a layer of paper during the day and cleaning up each morning, leaving one piece of paper with pee smell.
But in the day when they are active, I put up a divider, mainly to HOLD the paper where it is or else they will drag it. Giving them a crate to crawl into is an excellent way to make the trip to their new homes less stressful. After meals, small puppies generally have to go to the bathroom immediately -- absolutely no time for dillydallying at all. Because of this fact, it can be extremely difficult for the little guys to control their potty urges. Once your little pup develops into a fully grown, adult pooch, expect her to have to go to the bathroom approximately 30 minutes after eating, indicates the Ohlone Humane Society. You can see on that door the bells that are hanging; some owners like to use the bell system for the older dogs to ask to go outside.

The next set of shots is due four weeks after the first, and this puts minimal protection on the puppy, allowing you to socialize with friends’ dogs and homes that you know 100% have been vaccinated and are healthy.
I love my vet (there are six at the clinic), and they LOVE my dogs and puppies as their own. Breeders that use the Misty Method have their puppies well on their way to being housetrained before they leave the breeder.
They are already on their way to being housebroken and they have not even left the breeder’s home.
ALL have gone pee and poop on the paper station area during the night; their play area is clean. One of the leading causes for dog neglect, and the dog becoming a fixture in the backyard, is from poor house habits. This wood does one more thing: puppies will go to the paper and stand with their front paws on the paper and back end off, and will pee all over the floor, four inches from the paper. Expect your little one to urinate and defecate anywhere between 15 minutes and half an hour after eating, reports the Rock County Humane Society. If a small puppy has to go to the bathroom, she has to go to the bathroom, and that's that. There needs to be a divider between the poop station and the play area because puppies run and play and roll and drag and chew the paper.
I usually find an accident or two each morning, but the last couple nights have been accident free.
It is a well-known fact that no one wants a dog that hasn't learned to eliminate outside or in a designated indoor potty station, wandering loose in the house.
The consequences of eating contaminated feces will also depend on the immune system and general health of our dog. However, some puppies may relieve themselves well before 15 minutes, and some make take longer than half an hour. It is also the most enjoyable relationship to have your dog involved in everyday family activities. By seven weeks, you can change the paper as often as you like, as it isn't the smell that is drawing them; they have learned that is the designated area to eliminate.
Young puppies, for example, have developing immune systems, and may be more susceptible to bad stool; especially if they have not been fully vaccinated.
At seven weeks, puppies can be taught small training skills, and they are also able to start to recognize their name. However, if they are in the house and need to get out, they can get to the deck where there is the paper under a rack. An all-around mild mannered, wonderful Mastiff, Sassy, however, is not the best mother toward her puppies.
The younger the puppy, the quicker she may need to eliminate, hence the need to head outside as soon as possible.
When they are playing, it kind of sections it off and stops them from running into the potty area to play—they just don't.
No one wants a dog that hasn't learned to eliminate outside or in a designated spot in the house.
She is not rejecting them; she will nurse them when a human places them on her to feed, however she will not clean the pups or pay any attention to them.

They play in the clean area, and even excited they will sometimes run on the paper, but not as much.
Very young puppies may urinate and defecate a mere five minutes after eating, so take note.
They know at such a young age that there is a designated spot to do business, and that is not in bed, or the play area, and not all over the house. In return, the pups will be super socialized and will make remarkable pets, however the work involved is astounding. The pages within include a wealth of information that everyone can appreciate and benefit from. If we keep things clean, there will be less chance for him to engage in opportunistic poop eating.During retraining, it is also important to supervise our dog closely, so that he does not practice any bad behavior on his own. Help our dog reduce stress.Identify situations that cause extreme stress in our dog, and try to reduce the number of stressful encounters. In the meantime, practice managed desensitization exercises, to help reduce his stress response.To desensitize my dog-I make sure that I am in control of the training environment. I move a few steps back, help my dog to calm down, and then do some simple focus exercises so that I can end on a positive note.While conducting desensitization exercises, it is important to keep sessions short, fun, and rewarding for our dog.
If necessary, we can also cover the treat with our hand.As soon as our dog leaves the treat alone, mark and treat him from our other hand.
This may inadvertently teach him that he gets rewarded with whatever is on the ground, which is often not the case in real-world situations.Keep practicing this until we have a really solid Leave-it command. Now, we can use it when our dog gets tempted by animal leavings during walks.Note that independent minded dogs may choose to eat the feces anyway, if they decide that our reward is of lesser value. If this happens, I try upgrading my rewards, and make sure that my dog does not get within striking distance of the bad stuff. In addition, I quickly march my dog home and end the walk, if he manages to sneak in some poop eating.
Take Our PollAdding meat tenderizer containing papain, in small quantities to our dog’s food, will sometimes prevent poop eating. However, stool deterrents only work when our dog is eating his own feces, or those from other dogs in the house. My dogs explain why they get anxious when I leave them alone at unexpected times, and why the vengeance poop is not a pay-back at all, but rather a symptom of anxiety. The best techniques for food aggression focuses on helping our dogs re-associate people with something good and positive. In this way, my dog learns that if he eats poop, we walk home right away and his fun walk ends.I talk more about this in the article above. I will so he giving him rice and boil chicken to help with that but when I leave fore work and put him in his play pen area and when I come back he Poo everywhere, plays and eat his poo!
In addition, eating poop and having poop everywhere can also be a result of stress and anxiety, for example from being alone. How to stop the dogs – several times a day they go outside in our own fenced backyard to do their business.

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