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Less commonly , adult dogs may eat inedible things because of a medical problem, such as an infection with intestinal parasites. There are of course those curious pups who fall outside the box of normal puppy investigation and continue to eat inedible items long after their puppyhood days have passed. If this is the case, you will have likely noticed it, and thought he or she seemed bizarrely interested and intense about finding their favorite inedible treats, with rocks and plastic ranking in the top as favorite inedible food item.
My jack russell is almost 6 he has recently started eating sticks when we go out and also biting his paws a lot.

I can’t ever come home from work without SOMETHING odd being in my house, like a stick, rock, pecans, or i found a HUGE log in there! I have had many dogs in my day, but this puppy eats everything in sight – including rocks and sticks. Her 1st surgery was from her eating non food products, string, hard rubber and who knows what else. Laci Schaible is a US trained veterinarian with over 15 years experience in small animal medicine and surgery.

I thought OK problem fixed she learned her lesson but no we had our 2nd surgery just today and same thing.

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