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It is a truth universally acknowledged that any dog within tongue-licking distance of a human being, if given half the chance, will lick them. Whether you have a dog or not, you probably have been licked by one at some stage in your life.
Dogs’ tongues and noses contain special receptors that can process information about people. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. It's kind of cute when your best buddy chases his tail or licks your face, but when he starts licking furniture, you may think something's up. Your pooch's quirkiness is part of her charm, but sometimes odd behaviors become concerning. Your first concern is to decide whether your four-legged friend's couch, carpet and bed licking qualifies as an obsessive or compulsive behavior.
Start by assuming the problem is too little stimulation and socialization, because it's the most probable explanation for your dog's weird licking behavior, and because there's no downside to increasing attention and activity.
Obviously, the reason your canine companion keeps licking the couch, carpet and bed dictates the solution. The dog licking may originate from many different emotional states, from showing joy to fear. The hobby of licking is usually harmless to dogs and perhaps it is okey with you, but when dog licking involves with other behaviors such as anxiety, fear you should take this action in consideration or take them to the vets to get the help when necessary. The action of dog licking has many meanings, but the most reason why domestic dogs lick is to express their affection.
Therefore, as a natural reaction, licking helps dogs create stimulating hormones called endorphins, which makes them feel comfortable. Dogs are animals obeying to the order in herd, so in their wildlife, some dogs are in the position as leaders, while the others are just in a normal position.
The licking of a dog is sometimes associated with the possibility to express themselves as rulers. If they jump on you and begin to lick your face, you should turn away and ignore them to stop them. You should spend time playing or exercising with your dogs so that your dogs can feel relaxed and comfortable.

My friend’s adorable springer spaniel doesn’t even care if he gets your skin or not, he’ll just lick your clothes. When puppies are born, their mother brings them to life by licking them to stimulate their breathing.
In fact studies have shown that the bacteria and microbial community shared between dogs and their owners can help build our immune systems and ward off bad bacteria. While your furry friend naturally explores with her senses of smell and taste, obsessive or compulsive licking indicates a problem. Difficult as it is to believe, your dog may have a perfectly good reason for licking these surfaces. When your dogs come close to you and start to lick your arm too much, it means that they are very happy to enjoy the salty taste on your skin.
Eventually, your dogs will learn that licking causes you not to pay attention to them and leave, which isn’t what they want. If your dogs lick anything that he see, from the furniture in your house, toys to any members in your family or even to the air, it’s likely that they are very tired or stressful. When you’re not at home or too busy with your work, make sure that you’ve given them some kinds of toys that they love to reduce their bore.
You stretch your legs out past where he’s sitting on the floor, and out comes the tongue, lick lick lick your jeans, and his cute little face looking up at you content with himself that this is the most normal behavior in the world – to a dog. They lick things; themselves, other dogs, the cat, the furniture, the walls, the grass, and of course, you. Dogs are very affectionate animals and they love nothing more than showing you how much they love you. So if we end up with a thin layer of salty sweat on our skin, our dog gets a good dose of it when he licks us, so we taste great to him. She also licks them to clean the afterbirth and continues this grooming technique as they grow.
By licking you, your dog might be communicating to you that you are the boss and he is content with that. Licking can relieve stress for them but if they are fixating on licking something because of some other fear or anxiety, then it is a symptom of a bigger problem.
If you find your pup is licking when he hears loud sounds, eliminate the sounds, if possible.

The most likely explanations are that your pooch is under-stimulated, under-socialized or experiencing stress and anxiety. Exercise and play with your pooch, get her some new toys, enroll her in a doggy day care, take her to the park, set up pup playdates with a friend's pet, get a compatible second dog or otherwise find ways to stimulate and socialize your dog more. When they were born, their mother loved and cared them and usually licked them from head to toe.
Licking also releases endorphins and it makes them feel relaxed to sit licking something, the rhythm relaxes them. He’s found it out by licking you, gathering up the information he got from it and processing it through his little doggy receptors. Canine cognitive dysfunction, which is basically dementia in dogs, and other neurological problems also cause obsessive and compulsive licking, as can other illnesses. If boredom and loneliness were causing her to obsessively or compulsively lick the couches, carpet and beds, the behavior should quickly fade away with these sorts of remedies. So your dog might just be nosey, and want to investigate any unusual tastes or smells on his human companion. However, if your pooch licks for no apparent reason, if she does it often or aggressively and in a repetitious way, if she seems completely spaced out while licking or if you can't interrupt or stop her, it's an obsessive or compulsive behavior. Allergies, parasitic infections, digestive disorders, pain and other problems can all prompt your pooch to do strange things, including lick your floors and furniture.
Some changes can be undone, while others must be adjusted to; for the latter, talk to your vet about relieving your pooch's anxiety with a medication or supplement, aromatherapy, a constrictive canine coat or other measures.
Or he might be trying to get your attention because he’s hungry or because he needs to get outside to poop.
In the meantime, apply a harmless but unpleasant-smelling dog repellent to your couches, beds and carpeting.

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