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With such a greeting, it’s only natural that the tongue is one of the primary instruments by which dogs interact with their environment. Whether they are around other dogs or with people, dogs also lick those to whom they would show deference and submission.
Anyone who is licked by a dog for the first time may find it a startling, ticklish, or amusing experience.
In the ancient world, wise folk and healers noticed that dogs licked their own wounds as well as those of people. Some house dogs just nervously lick their paws constantly from boredom and a skin infection can set in. Given this, we must expect the tongue, and its power of licking, to play at least some part in their interactions with people. They lick each other in packs when they are in the wild, in environments where two or more dogs live together, or just lounging around the house with their human owners.

If a dog gets a sense that the act of licking people brings them pleasure, and earns them a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears, he may come to link the two. Dogs lick people for some reasons that we can safely interpret and likely for many reasons we will never understand, until that glorious day when dogs acquire the power of human speech. Dogs lick people as a form of communication, but licks do not always convey the same message.
From the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome all the way through to the Middle Ages in Europe, you might be surprised to learn that dogs were not only encouraged, but even trained to lick wounds as a mode of healing.
If you’re anything like me, though, a communicative lick is just as much a dog asserting his control over you!
When puppies lick her mouth, she will regurgitate whatever she’s eaten and offer it to her young. We’ve all met dogs for the first time, offered a hand for them to sniff, and found our hands licked in return.

Licking your leather sofa will actually dry out the leather, but this is a catch 22, you clean it and condition it, and the smell is stronger, they continue to lick. When dogs lick people, particularly about the mouth, what we may think of as a kiss may actually be a request for food. I’d know I found the desired spot because, for a couple of seconds, as I scratched, she would lick my arm. If you leave the dog alone during the day where he can sleep on it or lick it, you will undo any of the work you have put into stopping it.

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