How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Dogs naturally bite as it is an ingrained instinct but you can train your puppy or dog not to bite. Dogs will bite when they feel threatened, when they want to establish their dominance or when they have not been adequately trained to deal with people or with other dogs. There are different kinds of aggression by dogs and understanding them will enable you to train your dog or puppy better so that it does not bite. Dominant aggression is where your dog will try and establish itself as the leader of the pack and in this case, the pack consists of family members.

This kind of aggression will lead to the dog biting weaker members of the pack such as children or strangers who come too close to its perceived territory. To correct this behavior, the best thing is teaching obedience and ensuring that the dog knows that you are the leader of the pack.
Some of the ways of re-establishing your dominance over your dog is to feed it only when you have given it a command to approach the dog bowl and eat.

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