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These clickers are well constructed and make just the right amount of clicking noise to get the dogs attention. Used correctly, a clicker is an invaluable teaching and communication tool that not only improves training of your dog, but will also give you an insight into how your dog learns. Clicker training is type of instrumental or operant conditioning; this means that a dog offers a voluntary (it has control over) activity that results in a reward. The clicker becomes a conditioned reinforcer that the dog learns signals that the primary reinforcer (food) will soon follow. It is very important to make your timing accurate and to always give your dog a treat after you have clicked.

Always take a break after 5 to 10 minutes of training, clicker training is very stimulating and hard mental work for your dogs. Do not reduce the treat value too quickly as this will prevent your dog from working so well. Do not use the clicker to gain your dog’s attention, and ensure no handlers click the clicker when not training the dog.
It is a good idea to use a start and end word to let your dog know when learning sessions begin and end, often the clicker signals the start. Little Orchard has produced a booklet to assist with Clicker Training and look at the subject in much more depth.

As you start to progress with training, you can ask for more effort to earn a click, at the end click and reward once. The click is more powerful for training than a spoken word because it is not a sound heard by the animal in other circumstances.
It means one thing only: a reward is coming because of what you did when you heard the click.

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