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I know there are lots of raw food Dobie folks already doing this but remember I am feeding a 50% raw diet so I have a lot of flexibility around feeding my Furkids based on how much time I have. If you are going to switch to a raw diet I highly recommend you get your babies on a good digestive enzymes and a round of probiotics to get their digestive tracts ready for the new food they will be receiving. Dogs have become an important part of our lives, as members of our families, we want them to be safe and healthy as well.
Cooked pumpkin (Plain unseasoned pumpkin is great for the digestive track because it helps with constipation or with loose stools normalizing digestion.

For healthy snack ideas that do not have to come out of a box found on the dog food aisle, check out the list below and add some items to your shopping list.
If your pet suffers from tummy upset, diarrhea, or just seems off their norm, you may want to avoid that food for a while before you test it out again. You know what this means – give a treat as a special snack; one or a few a day may be fine, but handfuls, well your pet may start to pack on the pounds. Judy DuncanScranton Pet Products ExaminerJudy Duncan has been writing online for over a decade.

Detroit Animal Control accused of abusing power, killing dogs in new lawsuitEight dog owners have come together to file a lawsuit against Detroit Animal Control, claiming the agency violated their rights, which resulted in sick or dead dogs, according to Detroit Free Press. Consult with your vet and get a “good bill of health” before starting your pet on a new food regime.

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