How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Practice this several times a day for few days until he can sit without you pushing on his back end. After you give him his treat, he can move towards you, since he has successfully stayed in place. It will probably take a few days for your dog to associate these cues with staying, so be patient with him. You can increase your distance from him where he can still see you, such as to his right or left.
As you practice the trick, always have him lay down on the floor from the side that he leans on; he’ll probably prefer to do this anyway.
You can get him to lie on his side by gently pushing him with both hands from the down position.
It may take some time before your dog can respond without the lure of food, so just be patient with him.
There are a couple of ways that you can make a pistol signal: the thumb and index finger of one hand, the thumb and index and middle fingers of one hand, or the thumb and index finger of both hands placed together. Practice using both the verbal and visual cues together until your dog demonstrates that he can play dead using these cues together.

Other locations include different rooms of the house, a dog park, or in front of a crowd of people. The best way to show your dog that he completed the task incorrectly is to withhold reward.
This version of Teach Your Dog to Play Dead on Command was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on June 27, 2015. Some tricks, like teaching your dog how to play dead, will take a little more time for him to master than other tricks. If your dog does not already know this command, teach him by holding a treat high in the air with your hand. If your dog does not know how to stay, it will be challenging to teach him how to play dead. Teaching your dog to stay from the ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ positions will help him get ready for learning how to play dead.
If your dog begins to move towards you before that amount of time has passed, then start over again. Although you can practice having him stay when he can’t see you,[22] he will need to be able to see you when you teach him how to play dead.

The better your dog is able to move fluidly from one position to the other, the closer he will be to mastering how to play dead.
The fact that your dog has mastered the trick in one location does not mean that he’ll automatically be able to do it in other locations or situations.
Not only will this result in your dog becoming angry and mad at you, he probably will feel discouraged from trying to learn the trick.
If you see that he is getting distracted, upset, or frustrated, give him a short break, or postpone the teaching until the next day. If you are not sure what treats to give, go to a local pet store and ask for advice on safe treats for your dog. Fortunately, other than your dog, all you’ll really need for this trick is your fingers, a clicker, and some small treats. Be mindful that this step will probably take some coaxing, so be patient with your dog as he learns how to follow your guidance to lie on his side.

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