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Training Treats: go for healthy and natural options like dehydrated salmon or dehydrated chicken.
Order online, download to your e-reader or visit your favorite bookstore for some puppy training guides. Purchase a bell and hang close to your back door (from the closet knob or back door handle) This will help you both with house training as the puppy will be able to alert you when he has to relieve himself. Successful puppy training tips to help you teach your puppy some polite manners, especially if he won't listen to a word you say! Sometimes training a puppy can be like trying to nail jelly to the wall!)In order to keep him interested, keep his training sessions to around 10 minutes or so each time. They're like little sponges at this age and can take in so much during this time - that's why it's best to begin their training as soon as possible.On the other hand, training a dog who's misbehaving or has never been trained will probably take a little longer (he's had plenty of time to develop bad habits which can take time to break), but despite what they say, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!Start off on the right foot and begin training your puppy now!

Try several short sessions each day and always try to end your dog's training exercise on a positive note to keep him encouraged. The overall success of your puppy’s behavior ultimately begins with you and the training you provide. One of the best puppy training tips I can offer you is to begin teaching your puppy obedience training as early as possible.
You can ask to view the parents separate from the puppies as well to see how their temperament is. Keep training words simple for the dog and have all family members use the same words to reduce confusion. It is vital to visit the facility ahead of time and see the puppies and their trainers in action.

Taking note of how the Sire (father) and the Dam (mother) regard you when you are around their puppies is useful information.
If you try training your puppy when the kids are around or there's a lot of traffic coming in and out of the room you're in, your pup will be easily distracted; he won't listen or focus his attention on you and he certainly won't learn anything.

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