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A six-week class for your new puppy to provide a positive foundation for the rest of his life.
Our classes focus on building enthusiasm in dogs for finding their toy or treat bag hidden in an obvious place at first. The successful, Connecticut-based dog training company Camelot Dog Training is excited to introduce a brand new way to train your dog: Practical Pet Protocol.
Group training classes are nothing new, but the core curriculum and services make Practical Pet Protocol a unique method of ensuring your dog obtains basic obedience skills, while you learn how to better communicate with your pet.

Dogs that suffer from any type of aggression, anxiety, or leash reactivity would not be a good fit for Practical Pet Protocol.
Small dogs feel much safer and more comfortable when all the canines in a group are around the same size (so do their owners!) Some small dogs may become very aggressive when they see a larger dog because they feel it's safer to be the aggressor.
These resources will help ensure your independent training goes as smoothly as your group training sessions. For dogs dealing with these serious behavior issues, we offer customizable, one-on-one training programs within the home.

Intermediate and Advanced concentrate on accomplishing more intricate sequencing, body maneuvers and positioning for handlers. This is also considered a continuation of the puppy kindergarten class although your dog is not required to have attended one.

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