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There are many advantages to teaching your dog to return to you on just a couple of blows on a whistle – I recommend using them to many of my clients.
Dogs hear higher frequency pitches much better than a human voice so are more likely to respond to a whistle when out on a walk. How to teach a recall on a whistle: You cannot expect your dog to understand what the whistle means the moment you blow it, you first need to teach it. If you need further assistance with your dog’s recall, CK9 Training offers a variety of obedience dog training classes, recall workshops and park training walks which all assist in recall training. They can also be heard at a much greater distance rather than yourvoice – especially if your dog has roamed quite a long way awayfrom you.

Start your training in your home at first and make sure you have your dog’s attention and some treats or some of their own kibble to hand.
Blow the whistle in exactly the same way you would when out on a walk and give your dog a treat within a couple of seconds of blowing. Once your dog is consistently coming to you on a whistle blowin the garden, it is time to take your training out on a walk. Just spend a few minutes at a time doing the whistle training – always stop when your dog is doing well.
As well as increasing the chances of ‘bloat’, you do not want your dog to be full up, otherwise, this decreases the chance of him not wanting to come back to you.

These are plastic so are easy to hold in your mouth, and come in a various set ofpitches, depending on what breed of dog you have.
If you are having recall problems, it may also be useful to attach jackpot city casino a long line to your dog.

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