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There are several options that you can use, or even a combination of items you can use to help you in your quest toward better dog potty training. Potty Pads are usually marketed to puppies or for puppy training, but they can also be used to help your adult or larger dog use the appropriate spot!
Just like training your dog to go outside and potty, you must take your dog to the designated area and allow him time to get comfortable and do his duty. Potty training a puppy or even an adult or older dog can be daunting and overwhelming this list is to help you get back to the basics and get on the right track! This has been the most brilliant tool for potty training very young puppies, until they are old enough to use the outdoors, or for use during very harsh winters, where it may not be safe to leave them outdoors for more than a couple minutes.
The Porch Potty is a great personal potty place for those who live on an upper floor of an apartment or condominium Keep your dogs busines localized to one specific area for easy cleanup!

Porch Potty is the ultimate solution for dogs and their ownersEasy to use - Porch Potty is the only self-cleaning potty box on the market.
During potty training, a new puppy will need to be taken out much more often than a more mature dog, as small puppies do not have strong muscle control over either their bladder or bowels. Good behavior should be rewarded, but often training treats are empty-calorie treats with no nutritive value and include undesirable ingredients. Now the weather has changed (cold and wet) we are back to stage 1 again with her toileting inside. It is not going to be an inside dog, so very regularly we take it out of its crate put a leash on and take it outside to its toilet spot. Fifty three prototypes later, and a patient puppy, he designed the first automated grass litter box for dogs.

And, like all our foods, supplements and treats, you'll find no added chemical preservatives or artificial coloring.With Tasty Rewards Training Treats, discipline can be delicious! The Small Porch Potty, because it does not have a sprinkler system, to rinse the synthetic grass or training sod, simply pick up any solid waste first, then use a watering can to sprinkle a few gallons of fresh water over the top and let the Porch Potty drain itself. So its not an accident but I would like her to only pee in her toilet spot and this is the only place I reward her.

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