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Animal Friends Pet Insurance would like to point out that there are many things to do and decide before you ever bring your new four-legged bundle of joy into your home.
The type of home you live in will be a factor, for instance in you live in a flat or apartment where space is limited you would want to choose a smaller size dog. If you have children you need to consider choosing a puppy which will get along well with children and have an easy going disposition.
Do some research by going to pet shops and looking on the internet at different breeds and types of dogs. If you have an idea of what kind of breed of dog you want to purchase you should visit several breeders and ask lots of questions about the habits of these dogs. When looking at pups you are looking for ones who are active and playful but not overly aggressive.
After a few weeks have passed and everyone in your household including your newest member has settled down into a routine; and you know that this is the right pup for your family.
No matter what breed or type of puppy you decide to bring home you and your family will enjoy watching him or her grow into a full grown healthy dog. February 27, 2014 Dogs that are part of a busy family can often be left home alone for many hours. They are likely to get quite bored whilst you are out which is of course something we want to avoid happening for their happiness.

Taking them for a long, brisk walk before they are going to be alone will be good for not only keeping their mood up, but for also wearing them out. If possible, try to leave home and return at the same time as much as possible so that your dog begins to understand when you will be there.
Separation anxiety is something many dog owners worry about when it comes to leaving their pooch at home alone.
Once you have definitely decided that you want to add a new puppy to your family; you will have some decisions to make and things to get before you bring him or her home. If you have cats and they have not been around dogs there will definitely be an adjustment period. You can also ask your local veterinary or dog trainers what they believe are good dogs for your family. You might want to consider buying pet insurance for your puppy in case their will be unforeseen medical expenses in the years to come. Dogs are wonderful additions to any home and will give you years of comfort and companionship. There is a huge variety of breeds of dogs to choose from each, with their own personality and traits. Any puppy no matter what the breed will need lots of attention and guidance along the way, especially the first couple of weeks in a new environment.

However, just remember that cute cuddly thing that fit in the palm of your hand could grow up to be huge and able to eat you out of house and home. Especially while the dog is still young and we all know how they like to chew on things around the house as we mentioned just a minute ago! For example, you could use things like feliway for dogs to help keep anxious dogs calm and relaxed whilst they are alone. This will be a member of your family for years to come and you don’t want to have to give your new pet away because they got too big or were to hyper active for your family.
Most healthy puppies will be nice and round even dogs such as greyhounds or whippets are like this until they are about four months old. You have health insurance on the rest of your family and for peace of mind you might want to get dog insurance on the newest member of your home. They will also appreciate maximum fuss and attention when you get home to show they are appreciated and loved. These are all things to consider when deciding what type of dog will fit into your families lifestyle and schedule.

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