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Most people may only recognize earthquakes as bad things since they can cause harm to people and damage buildings. NEPAL is struggling to cope with the effects of two devastating earthquakes in the past month leaving over 8,500 dead and millions in need of assistance.
Since the beginning of time everyone has known that San Francisco is a bad place for earthquakes.

You would think that people who try so hard to be nice to the planet would be a little pissed off that this very same planet is going to pay them back for all their local eating, hemp wearing, and reusable grocery bag stockpiling by knocking their apartment down. When there is a small earthquake in the Bay Area, San Franciscans will typically not even notice it or if they do they will make excuses for the shaking like it must be the cat or their upstairs neighbor setting her glass down without a coaster.
Then they will quickly get off the phone, and will not talk to their family again until the next earthquake, which only people out of state seem to feel.

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