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If you disagree, consider how quickly a dog or cat will eat you when it runs out of other food options. The service will taxidermy your cats and dogs in the frozen position you remember them most fondly. If I had to pick the craziest part of this freeze-dried dog, I would say it was the placement of the headphones.Judging by the gallery, most people chose to stuff their animals in the sleeping positions, since dogs are at their sweetest when they're tired and sleeping is the only thing cats ever do. The site makes no mention of whether or not they'd be willing to stuff your pet in an attack position, which is a shame because I could imagine that would be helpful in warding off intruders and a real hit when I pretend it's eating me at parties.Ultimately, freeze-drying your pet ensures that it will sit quietly in the corner of your apartment for eternity, something it refused to do for even five minutes while it was alive.
Death and Perpetual Pet have distilled all best qualities of your animal: adorableness and the reflection of your own projected love shining back through shiny plastic eyes.

Turn Your Dead Cat into a Horrifying BallIf you're concerned about the tastelessness of a freeze-dried pet, but you're also still suffering through delusions of permanence, you can always burn your cat and cram the ashes in a ball painted like its head. The faces are hand-painted based on a picture of your pet to guarantee that it looks just enough like the decapitated head of your cat sitting on the nightstand when you wake up in the morning. Also, trying to capture the life of an animal in painted eyes is something humanity hasn't mastered yet, so the stare looks more dead than the ashes inside it.
Seal Your Dead Bird in a VaultOne of humanity's great achievements was the domestication of wild animals.
As a pet owner, you worked hard to make your pet more human, and just because it died doesn't mean you're going to let nature get its filthy hands on that parrot again.

Of course birds, cats and dogs are all on the list, but so are spider monkeys, sugar gliders and squirrels. If you need to bury your pet squirrel in a casket that's clearly designed for an infant then you have bigger problems to contend with than closure.

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