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If your dog barks excessively whenever he sees other dogs or people, try limiting his view of what goes on outside. If your dog tends to nip at your ankles while you stand or walk around your home, try carrying a toy that you know he likes in your pocket. Small dogs are especially delicate, so remember that you must take extra care not to exercise any physical discipline too roughly. This version of Get Your Small Dog to Stop Biting and Barking at You was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 23, 2015. Some dog breeds are more vocal than others, and knowing which dogs will bark the most before you bring your dog home can help you avoid a potential headache down the line.
Barking may have been selectively bred for early on in dog breeding history.[14] Barking is beneficial in that it alerts humans to potential dangers, and helps deter some animals from approaching.
Dogs will often bark in a seemingly aggressive manner to alert other animals, including humans, that the dog and his family live there.

Any deviation from this training could cause your dog to revert back to his attention-seeking behavior.
This can be done similarly to territorial and alarm barking, but limiting your dog's exposure to outside stimuli (in this case, his ability to see and hear other dogs outside your home). This should really only be viewed as a last attempt when all else has failed, as many animal experts advise against shock collars due to the potential damage they can cause to dogs.[36] Training will, in most cases, successfully teach a dog using positive reinforcement. Playful mouthing, in which a dog gums a person's hand or puts his mouth around a person's hand without actually causing pain, is a normal social behavior in dogs.[38] If your dog is nipping or biting aggressively, however, that can cause a lot of problems, and could easily become a long-term habit if it is not properly corrected. When he nips, stop moving, show him the toy, and encourage him to play with the toy instead. While most dogs enjoy being in and around water, a quick spray of water to the face is both startling and unpleasant, and some trainers consider it an efficient way to correct bad behavior without causing any real discomfort.
This undesirable and potentially dangerous behavior should be corrected as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of your dog causing harm to other people or dogs.

Brushing your dog not only keeps his coat and skin healthy, it also helps us to bond with our dogs too! Biting, when done without aggression, is usually a desperate attempt to get a person's attention. Each time your puppy bites, a sharp short NO should do the trick.Never run away from a puppy that's trying to bite your ankles - it will always think it's a game and run after you. To stop it, turn your back when she whines, fold your arms and look away, or leave the room.

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