How to stop puppy from biting leash

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We turned to professional dog trainer Geralynn Cada for solutions to stop nuisance barking.
If you speak to your dog in a negative tone when asking him to do something positive (aside from catching him in the act when he's done something wrong), you're telling him that you're in distress. If your dog has a habit of barking at people who come to your front door, work on a command that retrains him to do something instead of barking when someone approaches the door.
If your pet's barking is still not under control, it might be time to hire a pet behaviorist to come in and assess what's going on. Dog training tips every dog owner needs to know House training your new dog Celeb trainer face-off: Victoria Stilwell vs.

Not only is it headache inducing, it makes the most otherwise well-behaved dog seem like an unruly beast. First, she explained that just about all dogs bark and it's only natural for a dog to alert you to someone at the door, an animal in the backyard or any other normal, bark-provoking occurrence. For example, retrain your dog to go to his crate or dog bed when there's a knock at the door.
If your dog eats before you do, you're sending him a message that it's his job to guard the home — and bark. Your dog will be more at ease if you try using a positive tone for everything (aside from responding to bad behavior).

If you eat before your dog does, you're showing him that it's your job to protect the family and not his — putting him at ease.

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