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I have now been working professionally with dogs for a little over six years and I couldn’t be happier! I wound up boarding Kona for two weeks to work on general obedience training, as well as kennel training and riding in the car (he had terrible car sickness). Whether you keep your dog in a crate or leave him free, he can be destructive, usually by chewing. Unfortunately, this one is typically up to your neighbors to discover, unless you have a doggy cam (Like a nanny cam, but for dogs!
My philosophy is that the best trainer is the one with the most “tools in their toolbox”, so I am constantly researching and studying to learn new tools and techniques to train your dogs.
He was a stubborn dog to train, and took a while to convince it was in his best interest to play the training games I was playing.
When you come back in, your dog has been in something (maybe the trash can) he was not supposed to get into.
Either way, this dog is adjusting to a new life and when you leave him alone, that can be a scary time. A lot of the time, a dog is fearful simply because he’s not entirely sure of his role in the house. Your dog is not punishing you for leaving him alone by soiling in the house or chewing on furniture.
Like many adopted puppies, Kona came with some issues, including separation anxiety and kennel anxiety.
If he was crying, I would tell him to “quiet, lie down”, to which he would typically respond by settling and relaxing back into the completely chill dog I knew.
In order to create long-lasting results, training must address the cause of a problem - not the symptoms.

There are a variety of techniques, depending on how severe your dog’s anxiety is and how he is displaying his anxiety to you. When there are multiple dogs in a family, there is a less chance of either dog exhibiting symptoms of separation anxiety, simply because they have company (Note: This is true in well established packs.
Some basic obedience lessons are beneficial in establishing you as the head of the household, which can alleviate a lot of stress the dog is feeling. For example, a laundry room with fresh water and nothing to destroy is a great place to leave a dog who chews on his crate. A 15-20 minute walk before you leave will not only give your dog a chance to burn off excess energy, but also he has the opportunity to use the bathroom. By punishing the dog, you will simply turn a fearful, anxious dog into a more fearful and anxious dog. I have had hands on experience, in rescue, fostering, and training, with several thousand dogs, of all different sizes, breeds, temperaments, and behavior problems. Not only that, but I was able also to set up training scenarios and check in on him remotely when I was out of the house to see how he was doing.
If you're looking for effective dog training in Seattle, give The Pawsitive Packleader a call. However, there is a difference between boredom and separation anxiety, although they may have similar symptoms.
However, when introducing a new dog into a family with an already anxious dog, there is a chance the new dog will feed off of the other dog’s anxiety. So if you take him to the park every Saturday, but your job suddenly requires you to work on Saturdays, that can throw off your dog’s whole schedule.
Now, not only is he afraid of being alone, but the dog is afraid that when you come home, you’re going to yell and scream at him.

I became a dog trainer in order to aid and educate owners on how to solve behavior problems, in order to have a happier, more satisfied and harmonious life with their pets.
This can be very dangerous for the dog, so please seek help if you find this to be true of your dog. If your dog’s destructive behavior starts immediately when you lock the door, lock the door for ten seconds and then unlock it and come back in.
Remember, some dogs can cause harm to themselves when left in crates alone, so be sure that your dog isn’t one capable of that. Dogs are my passion and I firmly believe that a well trained dog, is a happy, confident dog - which makes a happy, satisfied owner! What is important to realize is that your dog isn’t trying to punish you by pooping in the corner or digging in the trash.
Sit Means Sit’s attention based training will enhance your relationship with your dog tenfold!
Dogs don’t get that we have to work, have social lives, and do other things with out them.
Again, this can be a long process, especially if your dog exhibits destructive behavior immediately. Keep in mind, separation anxiety is a serious issue, and you may have to do this a few times with multiple triggers.

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