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What makes this difficult is that billions of dollars are spent to convince you, your breeder, your vet, your government and most of your pet-owning friends that you must vaccinate your animal every year, feed only scientifically 100 percent balanced nutritional pet food, etc. Supplement the super premium food using fresh meats that are human-grade and preferably free-range or organic as well as free from antibiotics, pesticides and hormones. You should look for natural preservatives (such as the herb rosemary or vitamins E or C) instead of chemical additives (such as propylene gallate, propylene glycol, BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin).

For example, meat that was once deemed safe for people may have spoiled and found its way into the pet food.
This is especially important for senior animals or those with any type of condition like arthritis, chronic skin disease or digestive upsets such as chronic diarrhea. The pet food should ideally contain whole grains (ideally organic) that have their nutrients and fiber intact.

You can find super premium foods at many non-chain pet stores that specialize in healthy pet foods.

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