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If you have a dog or puppy training video idea then please let us know your idea in the comments section below or get in touch with us through our contact form.
Mary McNeight has been locally and nationally recognized by her peers for excellence in both pet and service dog training.
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has over 6000 members who dedicate themselves to the advancement of positive reinforcement dog training. We use a number of Premier’s dog training toys to help train our diabetic alert dogs. In this interview City Stream reporter Roxeanne Vainuku talks with Mary McNeight and one of Service Dog Academy’s clients Jacqueline Glass about the training of her dog Peanut, a diabetic alert dog in training.
Ian Sterling, reporter for Komo Newsradio, became interested in The Service Dog Academy’s Diabetic Alert program and the groundbreaking training programs she offers at her dog training school.
The average dog owner, such as myself, is not a pet training expert, though many of us try to be.

Recently, a friend advised me to get the Doggy Dans “The Online Dog Trainer” as she believed this was one of the most promising and best dog training programs.
The videos are HD and cover everything from stopping excessive barking, that can be really annoying, to training a puppy in your home, or stopping the aggression related to food, or one of the most challenging things to do, to stop your dog from barking and being excited in the car. With these video classes you can learn how to begin your puppy’s life right from their first minute at home, to correcting unwanted behaviors ingrained for many years when they get older.
His video library offers a wide variety if videos covering several dog training techniques with simple yet broad explanations, making it easier for you to tackle any particular issue you have with your dog. All videos only include gentle techniques; there are no harsh moments where you need to beat your dog. Sterling recently caught up with Mary and Liame at the West Seattle Dog Training Studio and Mary had the opportunity to share with the Seattle area her groundbreaking program in diabetic alert, utilizing a dog’s powerful scent receptors to help monitor blood sugar, and her innovative training with a dog to alert and assist with narcolepsy.
Like for example, the video called Project Moses in which Dan explains walks you through the training of a little pup named Moses over the course of two months.

Each video has title of the content of the training and there are over 250+ videos in total. This was practically the most useful information to me because I just bought a small puppy similar to Moses. The videos include anything you need to know on dog training and they are perfectly recorded and well thought.
For example there are videos about the language of dogs, the key principles, dog packs, rewards, command training and additional training. He frequently adds new videos that are not only interesting to watch, but significantly improved and more creative than the previous ones.

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