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Puppy Kindergarten is a great way to get your puppy off to a positive start and keep him from learning bad habits.
Day school, Private lessons or Residential In House Training are available by special arrangement for those who cannot attend classes with their own dog or need special help with a problem not addressed in group classes. Caron teaches obedience and rally obedience and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston. Whether you have a puppy, an older dog you recently adopted or you want to prepare your pooch for dog therapy training, Anything is Pawzible has a class for your canine. Whether your four-legged friend is a puppy or an older dog, you can check out the training courses available at PAWS Chicago’s facility in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, located just a quick walk away from the shelter’s adoption center. San Bruno Dog Obedience School is the highlight of the week for my Portuguese Water Dog, Carly.
Started my husky puppy in the beginner's classes and he learned a great deal of basic obedience. We offer flexible enrollment so puppies at least 8 weeks old and not yet 16 weeks (14 weeks for larger breeds) may join at any time. This class is to help the dog that already knows the basics to become a dependable obedient dog. In puppy kindergarten and the first levels of training she trains people to train their dogs so they can have a dog they can live with.
In the Chicago area, you and your pooch can take a number of training classes together that cover much more than “sit” and “stay,” with many organizations offering everything from basic obedience to agility training. With certified trainers on staff, the organization can help your puppy learn the basics of training through its puppy preschool.

The no-kill shelter offers a basic obedience class for puppies, which covers everything from name recognition to dog etiquette and includes socialization with the other students.
Urban Pooch offers puppy training classes and intermediate obedience classes, as well as a puppy socialization class. Puppies may participate in Puppy Kindergarten for 6 classes or until they are 20 weeks old, whichever is first. In the upper levels the training focuses on obedience and agility with preparation for the show ring as an option. Caron’s class experience ranges from Puppy Kindergarten and Beginner Obedience through Competition Obedience as well as all levels of Rally Obedience.
She has competed in both agility and obedience with 5 dogs (English Springer Spaniels), reaching the top levels of competition in AKC (American Kennel Club), CPE (Canine Performance Events), NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council), and USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association.) She has earned well over 100 agility titles with her dogs. Brush-up obedience training classes are also available, in case your dog needs an extra boost.
The classes cover the fundamentals of training through either a puppy class or a back-to-basics class while also learning socialization skills. We teach new owners how to start puppy training in a happy, positive way and also about proper puppy care.
She was one of the first to offer puppy kindergarten as well as agilty classes in the Upper Valley.
To find the right obedience training class in Chicago for you and your dog, consider checking out the following five organizations. The company is located in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood and has parking near its facility.

A free lifetime alumni program is available for your dog, too, so he can continue to take refresher courses on obedience. Other classes include a basic obedience class for older dogs, an agility class and a class focused on leash walking so you and your dog can navigate city streets with ease. Puppies have a great time playing with other puppies and learning social skills necessary to be a good pet. Interaction with other young puppies is especially important for puppies from single puppy litters or those who left their littermates before 7 weeks. Carly is a rescue dog who was afraid of her own shadow as a puppy lost on the streets of Lodi.
She also works with us on how to act with different scenarios so our puppy knows we are the owners.
This class is great preparation for the Level 1 Obedience class where real obedience training begins. We have learned so much from this school and are excited to develop our new dog and have him comfortable in our family with the continued training.

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