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Beagles have a loud bark, and your beagle will use it to get your attention: for instance, when he wants his dinner. Redirect his attention when he begins to howl by throwing a toy for him to fetch or asking him to sit.
You'll know the beagle howl when he throws his head back and makes a high-pitched, long mournful sound that can't be mistaken for anything else. Your beagle might howl for the first time when he sees bird flying on a walk or hears a loud noise that triggers his instinct. Some dogs bark whenever they are exposed to novel or unusual stimuli whether they are sounds, sights or odors.
The quiet beagle is a rare beagle, but chances are that a quiet puppy may be a quiet adult and howl infrequently. Leave the TV or a radio playing when you leave to see if that helps, or give your beagle a crate for a security den to nap in when you're not home.
Effective crate training techniques when your dog is first obtained should decrease the dog's anxiety when it is left alone in its crate (see our handout on 'Crate Training in Dogs').
Also, by providing predictable consequences, you can insure that calm and quiet behavior is reinforced and that you never reinforce attention seeking behavior (which may escalate to barking). When you obtain a new dog, having a second dog may greatly reduce distress vocalization at times when your dog cannot be with family members.

If your dog's excessive barking problem has been going on for some time, he may be suffering from separation anxiety.
However, the barking becomes problematic when it gets too loud, too frequent, or will not stop on command.
In fact, yelling may just add to the noise, anxiety and conflict, thereby encouraging your dog to bark even more. One of the most practical techniques for teaching a dog to cease barking on command, is to teach barking on cue. Dogs that bark on command can then be taught to turn off the barking by removing the cue or stimulus, and giving a 'hush' or 'quiet' command just before the barking subsides. It can be difficult or impractical to teach a dog to be 'quiet' on command if the barking cannot be predicted or 'turned on', or if it is too intense. Another method to teach a "quiet" command is to wait until your dog is barking, for example in response to a doorbell. When the dog is quiet (which should happen because dogs cannot sniff and bark at the same time) you can praise your dog, say 'good quiet' and give the treat.
Alternately, distraction or remote punishment devices (see below) can be used to disrupt the barking.
One of the most effective means of interrupting barking and ensuring quiet is a remote leash and head halter.

Soon the dog should associate the closed mouth and the verbal command with the absence of noise, and begin to stop barking when given the verbal prompt alone.
Even a small amount of barking could disturb a sleeping baby or upset neighbors (particularly in apartments or townhouses). When trying to resolve barking problems, the motivation for the barking behavior is an important component. Excessive levels of punishment can increase anxiety and further aggravate many forms of barking, while mild punishment merely rewards the behavior by providing attention. Surgical debarking is a drastic and often permanent method of decreasing the sound of the barking. Devocalization may need to be considered when owners are confronted with the option of immediately resolving a barking problem or having to give up their pet. However, all attempts at behavior modification should be continued to try and address the underlying motivation for barking and perhaps result in a permanent solution.

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