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There are several options that you can use, or even a combination of items you can use to help you in your quest toward better dog potty training. Potty Pads are usually marketed to puppies or for puppy training, but they can also be used to help your adult or larger dog use the appropriate spot! Just like training your dog to go outside and potty, you must take your dog to the designated area and allow him time to get comfortable and do his duty.
The easiest method of training your dog to use the PetLawn is to place it on top of the grass at the times when you would normally let it out to do its business. Another tool for training your dog to use the PetLawn is to take advantage of its natural instinct to mark its territory.
Not all dogs will learn at the same speed and some will take a little more patience than others, but once your dog uses the PetLawn for the first time it will be much easier for him to use it again and again. It consists of an attractant scent that mimics the natural pheromones dogs use to mark their territory. It is true that puppies learn more quickly than older dogs, but the popular adage that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" certainly doesn't hold up here.
Programs advertising fast results are often misleading as all dogs are different and learn at different rates. Dogs affected by urinary tract infections, digestive issues and other medical conditions at times may be erroneously labeled as reluctant to being potty trained when they are really just sick.
For instance, dogs who eliminate when left alone could be suffering from separation anxiety.

In excitement urination, puppies or dogs may urinate when they are over aroused upon seeing their owners or guests.
On the other hand, senior dogs who start soiling out of the blue may be suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction, the canine form of Alzheimer’s disease.
Because what goes in at a certain time must come out at a certain time, dogs on a feeding schedule will likely go potty at predictable intervals.
Most dogs will start sniffing, pacing and may appear temporarily disinterested in their normal activities.
Regardless of the surface used, it’s fundamental that the dog is rewarded for going potty in the desired place. Ammonia-based products are an absolute no-no; indeed, the residual smell of ammonia will only encourage dogs to soil the area over and over creating a vicious cycle. The best cleaning products contain enzymes that break down the smelly particles while neutralizing odors.Avoid Outdated MethodsThe old rolled up newspaper method used to hit the bratty puppy for soiling the carpet should have no place in modern potty training. Puppies should always be either in a small room where dog owners can watch every single move or outdoors going potty. For the simple fact that dogs instinctively dislike going potty in the areas where they sleep. Dog trainer Jeff Millman offers tips on choosing the right crate in his video on house training puppies.Use the Crate CorrectlyDogs and puppies should always be given an opportunity to potty before being closed in a crate or small puppy proof area.
They may see their puppy go potty outside one minute and then go potty on the carpet the next.

Very small dogs such as toy and teacup breeds have very tiny bladders and this means many more trips outside. Hunting breeds may easily get distracted and follow trails of scent instead of focusing on going potty. The dog or puppy may not recognize the difference between going potty on the pad or on the tiles right next to the pad. More challenges are encountered then when the puppy finally learns to potty indoors and then must be trained to go outdoors.
Often dog owners unknowingly instill in their dogs a dislike or fear of rain by making a big deal of it and rushing their dogs inside with a sense of urgency. At times, consulting with a professional goes a long way as he or she may point out an issue that may have not been otherwise identified.As seen, potty training a dog takes loads of work. It’s not a coincidence that many dogs are surrendered in shelters because of some house training issue. Yet, the time spent on potty training a dog is ultimately a precious investment that most likely will last a lifetime.

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