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Author: admin, 04.05.2015

My 4 year old Lab is peeing a significant amount of urine in the dining area lately, even when we are in the house!
She has plenty of opportunity to go outside, has no issues with the other dog, no issues with potty training, and goes on daily walks. If you do not catch a dog within 10 seconds and correct it, it does not have any idea what you are getting at.

Recently, a female neighbor, who also has dogs and is a pet-sitter, has started coming over to the house.
She was very well house trained and I am making sure to let her out every hour or so, but she doesn't really bother peeing when I do. She had been the perfect dog up until yesterday when she started to pee in the house, even when we would bring her out often.

Then a month ago she started pooping in the house, first in the living room, then every night for 4 nights in her bed, not on the puppy pads I put down.

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