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A Pudney man has been fined $15,000 for encouraging his pit bull terriers to attack people. A MAN who used his pit bull terriers to attack several people including two teenagers has been given a seven-month suspended prison sentence and must pay almost $15,000 to a local council. Five police officers were mauled by a crazed dog in the street during a raid in east London yesterday. Three officers remain in hospital with serious injuries and one is facing skin grafts following the attack by the pit bull. One officer was left with blood pouring from his hand, while another was forced to jump on the bonnet of a car in an attempt to kick the dog away.

If a dog attacks, your response cold be the difference between walking away unharmed or being injured by the animal.
Do not stare the dog in the eyes as this is confrontational and could be seen as a challenge.
Do not use a part of your body, such as an arm or a leg, to distance yourself from the dog.
Most dogs are curious and behaviour such as barking or bounding towards you is normal but more predatory aggression is cause for concern. If you panic, you may appear threatening to the dog and cause it to become more aggressive.

If you cannot easily escape from its grasp, use your entire body weight on the animal as dogs cannot wrestle and it will break its bones.

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