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Born on Halloween 1 black m, 1 black f and a cream f Mom is cream and dad is chocolate Raised in home and handled from day one Very socialized with kids,cats and other dogs The have natural tails, because I love the look. YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER THE INTERNET FOR THE BEST PITBULLS MONEY CAN BUY WELL YOU FOUND IT!!!!!! REMEMBER we ship puppies all over the world so don’t think your to far away to get one of these beautiful dogs!!!
Our dogs are in high demand by the worlds top athletes due to the muscle and overall look of our dogs.

TopBlue Kennels is as TOP shelf as you can get when it coming to PITBULLS none better in the world!
They make the most beautiful looking dogs and get all the great traits from all the dogs that they are. Then if he continued to say that his dog was a chihuahua or a pug, I might just laugh in his face. There are dogs that everyone could probably agree are 'man dogs', even though they are for everyone.

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