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Performance-Bred American Pit Bull and Patterdale TerriersPlaying the game of yesterday, using the technology of today! This account of a notorious dogfighter is based on a true story including shocking details of how an innocent little boy from a rural village in Nebraska grew up to reign soverenity in the seemingly barbaric sport of professional dogfighting for a period of well over a quarter of a century while at the same time successfully teaching in a public school. I talk with a turkish guy and they raise game dogs and run a kennel called madline kennels,there dogs are super high drive and very well conditioned.

During this time the "Schoolteacher" (as he was known to the underground world) maintained to those close to him that (as bizzare as it may seem) dogfighting was the best thing that ever happened to him!!! Nearly 40 years later while in prison for his involvement in the so-called sport,he realizes in a provocative way that dogfighting would lead to his life changing education. Contains detailed stories of many famous pit dogs and dogmen with facts that are sure to be contrary to the misinformed.

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