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Pit Bull dogs, also recognized as American Pit Bull Terriers by certain dog clubs, have historically been known as courageous and heroic animals.
Body - According to the United Kennel Club standard, Pit Bulls are rectangular, medium-sized dogs, and they are powerfully built with impressive heads, strong necks, broad chests and well-muscled hind quarters. Legs and feet - The legs are strong-boned, but this feature should not be overly exaggerated and take away from the dog's overall balanced appearance. Since Pits are highly intelligent, eager to please, physically strong and tenacious animals, they make great service dogs.
The Pit's coat is smooth and quite glossy, but it is also rather stiff to the touch as befits this dog's Terrier heritage.
Train your dog to accept having his teeth brushed when he's a puppy so you can brush his teeth a minimum of twice weekly. A rousing game of fetch or Frisbee will also help your dog burn off energy, and the interaction also allows your pet to put his brain into action.
Cataracts - Opaque or cloudy areas form on a dog's eye when there is a breakdown of the fibers in the lens. The consensus seems to be that these dogs live an average of 12 years when they are cared for well and receive regular veterinary care, good shelter and high quality food. Pit Bulls were first developed in the United Kingdom where breeders routinely crossed Bulldogs and Terriers with the goal of creating dogs that had the Terrier's feisty attitude with the Bulldog's strength.
The Pit was brought to the United States by immigrants, and it was in this country that the dogs were bred for increased strength and tenacity. As mentioned, the American Pit Bull Terrier is recognized as an official dog breed in some parts of the world. It's interesting to note that the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association both allow American Staffordshire Terriers to be registered with their organizations as American Pit Bull Terriers.
Breed specific legislation affecting Pit Bull dogs ranges from all-out bans to laws that require Pit Bull owners to carry costly insurance policies.
Far too many of these dogs wind up in shelters and many are automatically euthanized due to local laws or uncertain temperaments that make individual dogs unsuitable for adoption.

Due to the Pit Bull's great strength and fearless nature, it's important to spend sufficient time socializing and training young dogs.
If you do feel you have the energy and desire to provide the kind of active ownership this dog needs, take time to visit breeders and Pit rescues in order to assess their dogs' health and attitudes.
This kind of mental stimulation relieves stress as well as boredom, and it will likely prevent your dog from engaging in destructive behaviors around your home. Feel free to move on to advanced obedience classes, utility dog training, search and rescue training, therapy dog training or training for any of the sports mentioned above. In others, it is just considered a "Pitbull type" of dog that displays some consistent characteristics rather than a full-fledged breed.
If you think you can make a positive difference in a dog's life, consider contacting one of the following Pit Bull rescue shelters. The ideal owner is very responsible and dedicated to making sure this dog receives training. This can be directly attributed to the number of backyard breeders who, having recognized the Pit Bull's natural strength and courage, decided to begin breeding the most aggressive specimens they could find to develop dogs for the illegal fighting trade.
Contrary to popular belief, most Pits are patient and adore children, which makes them wonderful family dogs, although young children should be supervised around any dog. Your dog will thrive under all the attention, activity and positive reinforcement he'll receive, and he'll become a better pet than you ever imagined. In fact, ratting actually gave these dogs their name since the activity involved placing the dogs in a pit filled with rats to see which dog could kill the most rats by the end of the competition. The American Kennel Club (AKC), for example, does not currently recognize these dogs as American Pit Bull Terriers.
Rest assured that if you don't establish yourself as your dog's pack leader, your dog will wind up being your leader, and that's usually where most behavior problems begin. Dogs that shy away from you or behave aggressively have not been raised around a lot of people and socialized as needed. The front legs should move parallel to one another when the dog walks, as should the rear legs.

Due to their breeding, Pits tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, but some co-exist well with other pets if they have been raised around them since puppyhood. Mathematically, this means 86.4 percent of the total number of dogs tested actually passed the test. While cruel and dangerous sports such as dog fighting have been banned in most countries, weight-pull competitions have developed which give these dogs a chance to show off their strength and have some fun.
Of course, spectators gambled on the outcome, and these competitions eventually evolved into straight up dog fights.
So, the key here is to carefully check out any breeder you consider making a purchase from to ensure a dog or puppy has the proper temperament.
The jaws are very muscular, and this gives these dogs one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. While a dog of any breed may become aggressive when raised in an abusive environment, Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive toward people.
The breed was also pressed into service during both World Wars as a messenger dog for the Allied Forces because of its "never say die" attitude and ability to get the job done. This is because the original dogs registered with AKC were really American Pit Bull Terriers. Images of Pits were even used on posters that promoted the war effort and the dogs became heroic celebrities for a time. The AKC actually closed open registration for Staffordshire Terriers at one point and only registered dogs sired by parents that already held AKC registration.

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