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One of the benefits to feeding raw is their system is stronger because of it, they don't have issues with "new" foods or treats.
The dogs that are going to be susceptible are the very young, the very old and those that are ill.
In our house, regardless of which dog is getting the meat, it's all cut up the same, about 2 inch square cubes. Or For a day and a half worth of food in one sitting you could throw the whole chicken carcass at them.
Dogs don't tend to be terribly picky, so unless there is a particular reason to use one over the other.

Their system has to get rid of all the garbage that has built up over years of feeding dry food, good or bad quality. As far as germs go, if you use the same cleaning practices you do with your own food everything should be fine. For dogs with severe food allergies you will have to watch for reactions to protein sources, it can be a bit difficult if you alternate protein with each meal or every other day.
The dog bowls are cleaned after each meal, the prep surfaces are scrubbed and the utensils are washed. It's a pain, extremely time consuming and 99% of dogs don't give a damn what form it is in.

The pug eats straight raw, we feed a commercially prepared raw food for variety, it has veggies in it so we give him our mix twice a week.
I was forced into it as I had a dog that was allergic to all the grains used in dog foods at that time.
It is a preservative, it also acidifies the dog and makes them less attractive for yeast infections.

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