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The American Pit Bull Terrier descends from early Greek Mastiff-type dogs called Molossians, who found their way into fighting arenas throughout the Roman Empire.
Some of the most notable traits of pit-bull-type dogs include their great love for people and their potential for dog aggression. Unfortunately, some people obtain pit bulls for the wrong reasons; to boost their own image, for dog fighting, or for backyard breeding, which makes life difficult for responsible owners. It’s unfortunate that one of the original purposes of the pit bull was dog fighting, but it is a fact that cannot be denied or ignored. We are committed to educating current and potential pit bull owners so they have a better understanding of their dog and thus provide responsible and caring ownership. Humans have created dog breeds by emphasizing desirable traits and eliminating unwanted ones. Outside of the fighting ring, these dogs gained notoriety for their strong, handsome presentation and loyal, affectionate natures with their families. A properly bred APBT is kind and caring toward children, intelligent and easily trained, loving, playful, expressive, faithful, and versatile. Pit bulls make wonderful and loyal family companions, and like all dogs they require intelligent, responsible, and dedicated ownership.

The good news is that pit bulls are now more popular than ever, and each good owner has an opportunity to reshape the breed’s image in positive ways.
We do not wish to overemphasize the fighting aspect of the breed’s history, a history that does not negate their various positive traits or their scientifically proven gentleness toward humans. In England, these tasks evolved to become the sports of bull- and bear baiting, the act of pitting dogs against bulls or bears, until these blood sports were outlawed in 1835 and dog fighting sprang up in its place.
In fact, the breed quickly became popular in the United States as a hunting dog and family companion, and dog fighting was outlawed in most states by the 1860s. Because of the breed’s undeserved negative media image, pit bull owners have to be even more careful and responsible than the average dog owner. When you adopt a pit bull, you adopt the most energetic, intelligent, and loyal friend you’ll ever have, but you also take up a responsibility to represent the entire breed. Adopting a pit bull, loving it, and training it as a breed ambassador are the most important things any of us civilians can do to combat people like Vick.
Some prospective elderly owners or children will not be able to supply that control…An insecure person who wants only an aggressive dog to bolster some personal human inadequacy should never become an owner of one of these dogs. In the same way that Labradors were bred to retrieve birds, pit bulls were originally bred for dog fighting and bull and bear baiting.

Today, dog fighting is illegal in most countries, including the United States, but the APBT’s negative reputation for being a fighting dog has stayed with him.
This does not, however, mean that fighting is the sole purpose of these breeds or that this component of the breeds’ history.
Owners must be well educated about bully breeds, because they will likely face comments from friends, families, and neighbors. As we’ve already noted, this is the easiest way to fight breed prejudice and misconception.
Pit bulls are not unique in this sense.) To put it simply, no matter what kind of dog you have, understanding its breed is the first step toward being a good dog owner.

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