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Throughout the past few decades, reporters, politicians, attorneys, physicians, and others have made claims that pit bulls have the bite force ranging from 1200 pounds per square inch to 1800 psi and up to 2600 psi. A fighter like Pitbull will make a quickie out of a German Shepherd , Rotties , Dobermans + any of those wussies. Not only that but the pittbull has a huge pain tolerance from being a fighting dog, so taking it down would be a hard job. According to the ASPCA, the term "pit bull" refers to just two breeds―the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff). And since we're on the very interesting topic of pit bulls, let's get to know them better―blue-nosed, red-nosed, and all. Brady Barr of the National Geographic performed a bite force study that included domestic dogs. However it should be noted that depending on the motivation to bite and how hard the animal chooses to bite, the psi will vary and it is hard to tell the full force of an animals’ bite. But it's a pity how over time, this fantastic canine specimen has had to prove itself over and over again to be accepted as a trusted household pet. Some people include the Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog in this group owing to their identical head shapes and body types. They almost always tend to harp on the pit bull's ability to make a loving companion, despite the obvious "aggression".

Nevertheless, it does not interfere with the fact that pits can be extremely loyal, friendly, and nurturing companions a family could ever wish for. Just like the hounds, pit bulls encompass various breeds, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Pit bulls can jump over a regular 4 ft dog fence with ease, so you will have to fence it at least up to 6 ft. If you're the outdoorsy type who likes to run, cycle, trek, or hike, a pit bull can provide perfect company. The fact is that your pet comes from a family of dogs who were bred with the specific purpose of hunting and bull-baiting, which explains their determined, headstrong temperament.
But even otherwise, this is the best way to prevent more pit bulls ending up in shelters, owing to neglect or misfortune.
Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are banned in certain American cities, along with some foreign countries.
If you're looking to make a lovely addition to your family, here's all the blue-nosed pit bull information you need. However, these are recognizably different from the APBT and the AmStaff.It probably began with the Doberman in the 1970s, the German Shepherds in the 1980s, moving on to Rottweilers, and now, the Pit bulls. Unless they are specifically trained otherwise, your pit would be ever too happy to welcome a stranger into the house.

Even if your pit bull puppy seems docile, the dogged determination is a part of his genetic makeup, and you need to simply channel his energies at will.
Tug-of-war and fetch are excellent ways to exercise your pit, and you may even arrange play dates with his dog friends. Yes, when excited (as they often are), pits tend to go over the top with their bite, thanks to their strong and wide jaws, but they can let go of things on command. A bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument was used to measure and record the results. If you're planning to train her as a guard dog, it is recommended to do so professionally, as pits are stubborn.
If this applies to you, ensure that you do your research before moving to a new place, or even reconsider getting a pit bull. A good guess tells us that you are on this page because you aren't affected by the looks of a pit bull terrier. Remember, a pit bull's socialization continues through adulthood, as they grow to become loving and friendly dogs.

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