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The problem with an over protective dog is that it can significantly limit your enjoyment of your dog in normal, every day circumstances like when you have house guests.
Not very many people like to walk into a home to visit a friend only to be confronted with a dog that growls, snaps or worse yet, bites. Often times this necessitates crating, gating or putting your dog in the back yard so that you can enjoy your visit. Most friends don’t know how to handle these kinds of awkward and anxious dog situations so they avoid the visit altogether. Over time the lack of structure or inconsistent structure begins to affirm in your dogs mind that you are a valuable provider of good things for free.
It starts off with guarding you and then often times can and does extend to the house and yard. When your dog is allowed to run the fence line in the back yard, the gate across the driveway or the bay window in the front living room barking at dogs and people, he is able to rehearse territorial aggression.
And if you have a dog that is fearful because of a lack of socialization to people, that too can further complicate your over protective dog situation. In this case, no structure and too much unearned love and affection over time created your dog’s symptoms of growling, barking and over protectiveness.
Changing how you view your relationship with your dog so that you begin doing the right things can allow you to start seeing improvements almost immediately. How protective your dog is will determine whether dog behavior modification exercises will be needed to put the final touches on your newly improved happy dog. Jim, she is 7 months old, i would like to enter her in to dog shows but I’m concerned she will attack other dogs people.

I have a 6 year old male Labrador who hates anyone and anything on the other side of the fence. Your dog is reacting that way because you have inadvertently told him you are his property. I should have added that he has graduated from a few dog obedience and agility classes, knows all the commands, listens well at all other time, knows he has to sit and wait for me to give OK to start eating. You have to admit it’s pretty embarrassing to have to pick up your barking dog or try to somehow restrain your big dog to keep your house guest from being jumped on or worse.
It’s okay as long as you put structure in your dog’s life so there is a fair and equitable balance of needs. Constant free doting and petting satisfies your own personal needs with no thought given to how your dog is interpreting the interaction with you. He has access to a fully fenced back yard, but unfortunately has had some taunting from neighbours and their children and dogs, and now reacts negatively to any noises or people on the other side of the fence.
He is quite well-behaved when visitors come over after the initial curiosity when the doorbell rings (sniffs, leans in to be pet, then goes and plays with his toys). Your dog quickly begins to dislike visitors because every time a visitor comes over, he gets the boot. Fixing an already over protective dog problem requires going back historically in the relationship with your dog to understand what caused your dog’s behavior problem in the first place.
He refuses to walk the area because of the new surroundings and my other issue is that he barks at any of our new neighbours and he seems to be getting worse.
It can create lawsuits, loss of friendships and can get you and your dog, a reputation you never ever wanted.

I have found that if he is put away when people arrive and then we let him out he is completely fine, It seems to be an issue with people coming into our home, or seeing people he doesn’t know on walks. For the past 5 months she’s been living as an outside dog free to run and play in our fenced in back yard. He has gone through training courses and they have been great for his basic commands ( sit, stay, lay down) but when a new person comes in its like he is different dog. We had two way smaller boy pups that she played with but that’s the only other dogs she was around in that time. Otherwise the relationship you have with your dog becomes lop-sided because nothing is earned – it’s all free to your dog. I just moved into an apartment so she has become an inside dog and is having to be taken out on a harness to go potty.
She constantly barks very deeply at other people that she sees out on balconies or out in the parking lot. Also whenever she sees another dog she barks very deeply at them and she kinda gets protective.
Idk how to break her from barking so loudly at the other dogs and trying to pull me toward them.
Idk what to do to calm her and to understand that those dogs are coming to check her out and sniff her not attack.

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