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You can adopt virtual dog either by downloading it to your desktop or registering onto a website which allows you to adopt a virtual dog online. Online Dogs: If you have a pet on one of the websites offering virtual dog adoption, you have to log on to the website to take care of your pet. You can adopt any virtual dog for kids from the several options available on various virtual dog download sites.
Adopt a Virtual Dog Online – In order to adopt a virtual dog online, you will have to register on one of the various websites which offer the facility of adopting a digital dog. One of the best ways to teach children about responsibility and how to take care of not only themselves but other living things, is through virtual pet games.
Thanks to the popularity of virtual pet games, there is a very wide assortment of great sites to choose from. Educational Virtual Pet GamesIn this article, we'll explore some of the best virtual pet games online that use elements that teach kids about things like responsibility, organization, math and memory. PetNebulaPetnebula is a game that is modeled off of the popularity of Neopets and the sort of "out of this world" character play that Neopets kicked off years ago.
Petnebula is a free virtual pet site created around the concept of alien pets from other worlds.
It is basically an online playground where kids can create alien-like virtual pets that they need to care for. Petnebula uses the same concept that most of these sites do - that is the idea of encouraging positive behavior through rewards. SubetaSubeta is also a popular style of online communities for kids these days, where members can create human avatars to represent themselves online.
Pet AdoptablesPet adoptables is a site that is focused on more realistic pets - not so much the alien style the sites above focus on. What's impressive about this site is that it isn't just about feeding and watering a virtual pet. VerpetsAnother site that has the sort of virtual pets you'd never see in real life is Verpets. The focus of this site is to take part in a "battle" where pets gain experience points, and the winner takes the total of wagers that all participants contributed at the start of the challenge. Power PetsOne site that is great for younger kids - and a very cute site to boot - is Power Pets. There are a wide variety of pets at Power Pets that kids have to choose from, including Minis - smaller animals that play with your pets - and even an aquarium that kids can decorate and fill with fish!
Adopt MeAnother very cute virtual pet adoption site that's great for the younger children is Adopt Me. Since the site allows kids to adopt a pet before registering, they can actually give the site a try to see if they like it. This is a great site for older kids that might have outgrown the "cute" type sites they loved so much as children, but still want to raise their own cool online creatures.

FooPets isn't so much a community as it is almost entirely focused on caring for and raising your very lifelike online pet. As you can see, there are lots of virtual pet game sites out there that teach kids not only the responsibilities that come with caring for something that depends on your attention every day, but many of the sites actually teach kids about real-life animals, preparing them to be caring and responsible pet owners in the future. A wealth of free online resources can assist teachers in finding strategies for incorporating new teaching ideas into their classrooms.
In order to adopt various pets for your desktop, you will have to register yourself onto one of the online pet adoption website. The objective here is to find and unlock as many pets as you can find trying to collect all of the pets offered (which is approximately 150 of them)! By "working on" the virtual pet, kids earn account upgrades and can unlock even more virtual pets, shops and features on the site.
When kids do the right thing and care for their pets appropriately, they're rewarded with cool features and access to areas of the site that all of their friends may already have access to. This avoids the problem many parents have with kids posting actual pictures on the Internet, but it also give kids the opportunity to safely interact with friends on this online virtual pet community.
This game is all about collecting eggs, and each egg is of course a "hatchable virtual pet". Then, when kids want their collected eggs to hatch, they need to "give it attention", and the watch the newborn virtual pet come out of the shell. It's clear that the goal of this virtual pet site is to teach kids about the value of working hard to save things, and the importance of saving overall. It teaches kids about dog genetics, about how to properly train and exercise dogs, and how to understand the strengths of different breeds of dogs when entering competitions. While it does include the need to care for a pet, the focus of this site is probably less educational than most others, so keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to include it in your classroom. At power pets, kids focus on caring for and raising a wide variety of pets that they've adopted and raised.
Rescreatu is a very popular virtual pet game site that is also focused on starting out with the collection of pet eggs.
The quality of the virtual pet - complete with very life-like movements and actions - makes this one of the best virtual pet sites online. The site includes actual registered dog breeds, and kids can even create mixed-breed virtual dogs. Many people are curious about their IQs, and the availability of free online assessments makes it easy to find and complete an IQ test. These virtual pets range from domestic animals, like cats and dogs to wild animals, such as snakes and dragons. Some of these websites provide 2D dogs, while some even provide their 3D virtual dog variants which are more realistic. Once your registration process is complete, you will be able to download your virtual dog to your desktop.

Send them over to VirtualPups, where kids can learn all about breeding, training and competing with different dog breeds.
In this game, kids will hunt for eggs across four planets and then hatch those eggs into virtual pets.
If your child wants its own real-life puppy, sign him or her up for a FooPet and see how well they do with caring for the virtual pet every day. Irrespective of the fact, whether you plan to adopt a virtual dragon or horse, you can bring it up the way want. You are also provided with a log in details, using both of which you can access the website and your virtual dog. Virtual desktop dogs score over their online counterparts owing to the sheer fact that they require least efforts on your behalf.
In some cases you just have to adopt a virtual pet and it will grow, on its own, to become a healthy animal.
Even social networking websites like Facebook, provide the facility of adopting a virtual pet. You don’t have to shower your desktop dogs with attention or food, as they are programmed to grow on their own. Those with pets may also play this game to understand their pets better and take better care of them. In some other cases you will have to provide your pet with proper care and attention to facilitate its proper growth and a healthy life. These pets that are available in most of these websites are programmed to behave like real animals, and hence require daily feeding, health care and proper attention from the owner. If proper care is not ensured, you will observe that the health of your virtual pet is deteriorating just like a real pet. In this game, all you have to do is choose your favorite pet and groom him so that he is happy and healthy.
If you are not in favor of adopting a pet which will require your precious time and efforts, you can adopt a virtual desktop pet.
Not only do you get to take care of your pet, you also get to groom him and take him to shows.
This game requires you to take care of your pet, feed him, groom him, play with him, and so on. While it ensures that you have a lot of fun with your pets, it also teaches you how to set goals and work to save money.

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