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I offer general dog obedience training for all breeds of dogs including difficult untrained dogs. You may decide your dog needs to learn all the basic dog training commands or you may decide you would prefer to select specific dog training exercises to suit you. Your first session may start with me training your dog to perform a particular exercise such as walking to heel.
Bronx Veterinary Center and ABC's of Dog Training, LLC (Dog Training Made Easy) are pleased to offer dog obedience training at a special price for you, our Bronx Veterinary Center family.

In the six-week basic dog obedience training course, your dog will master the commands heel, sit, stay, down, come, no, and free (release command).
For more information about dog training classes, please call the Bronx Veterinary Center at (718) 933-1002.
All sessions are booked by the hour at my secure training grounds, your home or selected location.
The six-week dog training course will cover basic commands, first with food treats and then with praise only.

The obedience courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and class sizes are limited for optimum training results. The dogs must be over 6 months old and have all vaccinations up to date, including the bordetella vaccine.

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