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Dog vomiting blood medically known as hematemesis is a rather worrisome symptom that can be due to a number of reasons.
Dogs vomiting blood or hematemesis is a rather common but worrisome symptom that is most commonly caused by irritation, injury or the disruption of the esophagus where blood is expelled by vomiting. Vomiting blood may be caused by something temporary such as eating something that may have caused dietary intolerance or a systematic problem with the digestive system, liver or the kidneys.
The amount of bleeding may be as little as a few drops or streaks of fresh blood in the vomit, large amounts of bright red fresh blood with or without vomit or coffee grounds vomit.
According to the, a few drops of blood in dog’s vomit is more likely to be due to bleeding gums or a cut in the mouth. Problems in blood coagulation or inability to form blood clot due to reduced platelet count or liver failure. Stomach ulcers is another common cause of vomiting blood in dogs may be caused by long term use of NSAIDs and corticosteroids.
Note that, regardless of this understanding, the best thing you can do for a dog that is throwing up blood is consulting a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment. A dog vomiting blood clots may come as the only sign in mild cases of illnesses but may also come with other signs such as lethargy, diarrhea, nausea, not eating, abdominal pain, weakness which represent a severe underlying condition. Dot vomiting blood may come with lots of other symptoms that will make it easier for the vet to narrow down to the diagnosis.

Treatment for dog vomiting blood and mucus is majorly rehydration and depends on how soon you take him to hospital.
Some causes of vomiting blood in dogs may prompt you to want to watch your dog closely for a while before rushing him to the vet. Your veterinary will take a careful history by asking you a series of questions and perform a thorough examinations and a number of tests to determine the severity of symptoms, amount of blood loss and identify the source of the bleeding. Note that it is upon you to keep track of the vomiting and be able to describe the severity, frequency and the progression of the problem. Puking blood is almost always a sign that something is wrong and the sooner you seek attention the better. The difference in the color and appearance of the blood in the vomit goes a long a way to determine the cause of vomiting blood.
Larger amounts of blood or formed clots in vomit is likely to be injury or disruption of the esophagus while coffee grounds vomit is more likely to be an ulcer or bleeding in the stomach. Seeing your dog vomit blood can be quite scary that may need you to closely monitor your dog or rush him to the closest emergency center. Severe and persistent vomiting with the forceful contraction of muscles may cause a vessel to break. A dog vomiting blood and mucus may be due to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis which is a typically characterized by vomiting mucus stained with blood and matching diarrhea.

Understanding what causes a dog to vomit blood may go a long way to help you decide as the handler what the next best course of action is. Vomiting blood clots may soon be followed by signs of shock which should be given immediate attention. Food is reintroduced slowly and in smaller amounts so that it does not contribute to nausea and vomiting. Vomiting blood and bile is caused by gastritis where the stomach muscles and disrupted by the abrupt contraction of muscles. Severe blood loss especially if happening too fast can lead to a serious problems in organ function which can be fatal. This condition is dangerous most especially for small dogs where dehydration may quickly develop leading to low blood pressure. Coagulation problems may also be caused by genetic blood clotting disorders such as hemophilia.

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