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As a dog trainer teaching positive reinforcement classes, I am always reflecting on how to help clients achieve increased success with their training efforts. NEVER GROWLING: This is actually a highly desirable behavior, and unrealistic to think that our dogs should never growl.
This has been a brief overview of how unrealistic expectations can set you up for failure in training efforts. My message today during National Dog Training Month, whether you be trainer, Veterinary, Behaviorist, groomer, tech, pet owner or aspiring pet owner: don`t ever doubt the impact you can have on someone`s life. I have been working with my own dogs most of my life and decided to make a career out of teaching people to train their dogs. This goal came back into play later in life, and now I have been a dog trainer for more than ten years. My standard for training is to analyze each dog I work with, figure out the source of the issue, and treat the issue from the source, creating a happier and more relaxed dog and enhancing your relationship with your dog.

I have an 11 yr old shih Apso (Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso) She is CKC Registered, was spayed when she was a puppy and is generally a loving dog.
Nobody has much spare time these days, so I feel that improved communication from myself, to enhance training sessions and increase success ratios is a very important job of mine.
Having an understanding of normal dog behavior helps you to adjust expectations and set your puppy up for success. Since making the transition to being a full time trainer…and now a business owner, I have had the great pleasure of helping hundreds of pet owners to have dogs that they can be proud of and provide a longer and happier life for their pets. So If you need help managing your dog’s behavioral problems or simply need help in developing the dog that you have always wanted, come see a qualified Sit Means Sit Trainer in your Corpus Christi Texas area! We just adopted a small dog from Lexington Animal Shelter and are experiencing some behavioral issues.
When I had her with me before and would walk her in the neighborhood, she would snap at other dogs that wanted to sniff her.

To that end, I often observe some entirely unrealistic expectations of puppies, and dogs in general.
This is not dominance, per the widely touted Cesar Millan concepts, but normal dog behavior. Go forth and play with your dogs, read, take classes, have fun: reach out and touch someone. I hope after reading this, you might be able to lower some of your expectations, and achieve a higher level of training success. He had a major impact on my life and was with me during the years as I strove to begin my dog training career.

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