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The truth is there is a great gap between cheap mattresses you may have in your camper van and the king sized luxury bed in a five star hotel you might visit. High quality luxury bed for your dog means that you get to use this bed for a long time, maybe for the whole lifetime of your pet. So keep your dog’s bed spacious and that can provide the privacy your pet needs for his nap times. Standard beds – These are fit for dogs that are healthy, middle sized and young dogs. Nest beds – Best for small to middle sized dog breeds that can sleep quite comfortably curled up. The main thing that you should have in mind in choosing luxury dog beds is ensuring that your dog will be able to sleep better; therefore enabling a total rest for your dog. We offer the best brands of dog beds at the best prices, as well as a great selection of accessories for your dog. Keep up to date with all our latest products and special offers by signing up for our newsletter here.

Product LineDedicated to providing designer quality and style in which you can find the perfect dog bed, dog blanket, dog feeder, dog toy box , custom crate cover, treat jars, dog stairs, custom fabric creation, celebrity dog mansion, dog apparel, and more!The quality that you will find is unsurpassed. It tells you just how comfortable you get if you pay proper dollar for luxury mattresses versus the cheap folding bed futon.
But luxury is not necessary measured by the dollar that you pay, but for the high quality you get from your money. Some of the perks of a luxurious bed for your pet are roomy space for your dog to sleep in, great security, and of course, safety. Keep in mind that there are luxury dog beds for large dogs and luxury dog beds for small dogs. This will not only make them feel relaxed; but will also provide your dog a healthier and happier life. This is a reward enough for your loyal and protective companion who will always be with you for the rest of its life – a very comfortable bed that will last for a long time. This can become your dog’s private space where he can have peace away from household hustle.

Only one of these in existence!Beyond The Crate is a premier Internet source for unique dog furnishings. If you’re still skeptical about the wonderful things that luxury dog beds offer to you and your pet, read on and be informed. And these materials for your dog bed must not be toxic as it can harm your pet if toxic ingredients get to be ingested or inhaled by your dog. Large luxury dog beds might be too much for your small pet; but best if you have large dog in the house. Our customers know and understand they have purchased products that are a cut above the rest.FREE standard Shipping & No Sales Tax to 49 USA States.

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