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A man in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, received a threatening letter just three weeks after moving into his new home.
The man said the letter was the first complaint he had received about the three-year-old border collie-labrador cross, which he adopted from the RSPCA. He has left his dog at his father’s place after receiving the letter and plans to keep him inside until he decides what to do. The owner said he took the letter to Caloundra Police but was told there was not much they could do. If someone asked belligerent neighbors to quiet their dog, then the affected persons become the subjects of harassment and vandalism, be it from that unruly person’s kids and their friends, or threats of violence from the dog owner. It’s more usual than one may think, where the complainant was forced to move after cars damaged, glue in locks and letterbox, threatened by the drunken yobbo neighbor and his mates.
Never send threatening letters, even if the criminal neighbor is the worst of the violators. Anyway, most people assume the person who sent the letter was a He, what is not necessarily the case.
Although I agree that there’s a wisdom in NOT sending such letters, but silently and stealthily just taking action. One other thought I had was, the dog owner may have fabricated the letter to advance his victim status. If the letter were NOT a fabrication, I agree with the comments that the author of said letter is probably not going to follow through with the threat, or is a person of low intelligence – someone planning such an attack would never warn the object first. People that write violent letters often do so because they aren’t going to do any of the stuff in it. My guess is that most people sending such letters do it because they cannot, or will not, actually follow up, and do this in hopes that it will scare the doggist enough to help.
There are a few people that will boldly send such letters, then follow up, but most of the time, people that know they are going to, or are even wiling to do, these things, do not give any warnings at all.
They may call the law, who will finally come out, maybe even investigate, because as we ALL know, *there is no money for victims of dogs, just for dogs that are victims*. This man (the ODOr) should be very GRATEFUL that the letter writer sent that note, rather than simply killing the dog without warning.
Client had to convince Board that upstairs neighbor's children created a nuisance with excessive noise. Al's decades of experience, coupled with his irrefutable scientific data is an essential tool for victims of all types of noise pollution.

Client won harassment case with help from expert testimony by Alan Fierstein, including playback of calibrated recordings in court. After months of suffering from the racket of new noisy neighbors we followed you advice concerning noise abatement. Just wanted to report to you that, as a result of your report, the manager called in a contracting company and had the pump replaced and the entire pipe assembly replaced with copper pipes and what else - in any case, the water is back on and there is not a peep from the walls! After unhappily living with the hum of the boiler pump in our newly renovated building for a full year, we could no longer bear the noise . Customer's son disturbed downstairs neighbors even though his "drums" were electronic pads.
When we moved into our new NYC apartment we knew we were going to have to bear the heightened noise associated with life in an urban environment. Three operators of commercial establishments (a hotel, a dance club and a hospitality management company) write to thank Acoustilog for helping them with noise problems as well as Community Board and State Liquor Authority approvals.
Letter from a recent client for whom we did acoustic work as well as sound system troubleshooting and repair.
The next day, I took Tripp out for a long walk, scheduled a playdate with his neighbor dog friend and basically tired him out. I am going to practice with a friend to leave him so he doesn’t get so excited when he sees me leave with someone else. As most things are, Tripp’s crate training is a work in in progress, and I continue to work with him on a daily basis to make sure he’s happy, comfortable and well-behaved. If a neighbor hadn’t left that sign, I never would’ve known there was a problem and it could’ve gotten a lot worse! I have spoken to you several times about the problems your three dogs create for the neighborhood: the droppings left on my lawn are a nuisance, the noise and smell emanating from your yard make it difficult for me to use my yard, and I am frequently awakened at night by the dogs' prolonged barking. The reason I'm ruling this way is that it's obvious, from the testimony presented here, that your dogs, Mr.
Everything you need to keep your pooch (or the neighbor's) on a legal leash!by Mary Randolph, J.D. Women are also more affected by barking as they have more sensitive hearing (and usually spends more time at home than guys).
They dream of following up with their threats, but like 99% of the population, never would do it. There will be talk of cruelty charges, and a thousand suns of hot air blown around by doggists, but most of the neighborhood will be strangely silent, other than a pat comment or two.

If nothing else, this will out them as the person that is upset, so that every time a cop goes to the doggiest home, or a note of complaint shows up, or they hear neighborhood gossip about their mutt, they will blame the one person they feel is against them.
His ability to identify structural problems, as well as the ability to record and play back noise in a court of law are essential to tenants who must go head to head with their Board or management corporation.
There's been good reduction of most noise from upstairs, but the really heavy stomping of our neighbor (bare heels landing heavily on bare floors) though lower in volume is still somewhat disturbing as she charges through her apartment. That's what I heard when I went downstairs and my son played the electronic drums with the amp off (and he was pounding away). It helped him not associate me leaving with the crate every single time and made him associate being comfortable. I also gave all my neighbors my phone number and asked them to please let me know if they hear him barking. The dogs are well behaved and quiet, and Flo is considerate of her neighbors, never letting the dogs run loose. You have not responded to their requests to keep the dogs quiet and to clean your yard to eliminate the offensive smell.
A lot of vigilance will be relocated to protect the dog, while the neighbors keep being tortured by barking noise.
The developers brought the installation's plumbers back in and after a meeting with Al, agreed to create a new isolation scheme and redo a significant number of connections in the boiler room. Without Al's analysis we could never have gotten the building developers to agree to do the large job that was required to fix this unbearable situation And without his careful research and recommendations we certainly could never have gotten them to do it right. While I wish that they had left a note saying who they were and any other details so I could figure out if this has happened before or how long Tripp was barking for, I am glad they left a note because otherwise I never would’ve known there was even a problem to fix!
My attempts to work something out with you have been unsuccessful, and you have refused to try to resolve these problems with the help of a neutral mediator provided by our neighborhood association. If anyone even called the police they would be considered the letter writer, more harm than good.
Anyone, who dealt with finding a knowledgeable and reliable contractor in New York City, especially in the very specialized field of soundproofing, will appreciate very much your recommendations.
I also occasionally put my pups in their crate for short periods of time when I am home so the crate does not become associated with being all alone.

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