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A favorite of the Japanese court, this breed could only be owned by members of the Japanese Imperial family, and were often offered as a royal gift. The Japanese Chin requires daily gentle combing and brushing to keep the coat free from tangles. Chins do not require a great deal of exercise, however they do need to be taken on a daily walk. Mochi the Japanese Chin is a beautiful little guy from Germany that is very playful, loves to go on jogs, and is always full of surprises. He's a 1-year-old Japanese Chin and he can't stand it if he's not the center of attraction (but don't tell him that, Smile).

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It became a favorite of Japanese nobility, and was often offered as a royal gift to diplomats and to foreigners who rendered some outstanding service to Japan. 4 CommentsAnonymousUnless you are a reputable breeder or are under the study of one, you shouldn't be breeding.
So long as you set rules the dog needs to follow, limits to what he is allowed to do, providing consistent leadership, the Chin will be obedient. Chins who are allowed to be pack leaders to humans will develop all types of varying degrees of behavior problems, including, but not limited to, separation anxiety, snapping, growling and guarding, and will not be trusted with children.

2 CommentsAnonymousThe Japanese Chin's coat color can be either black and white, sable (black and white with tan points), or red and white. 4 CommentsAnonymousSadly, the Japanese Chin is known to live under 10 years of age on average.

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