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Purchase a whistle to train your dog with (this is optional if you can whistle loudly easily). Do not hit or harm your dog in any way if it does get out or does not understand its training right away. If you do not want to purchase treats, a small piece of cheese or cooked chicken breast will work just as well. Teaching Stay At The Door: After teaching your puppy to sit, you can now start teaching your puppy to stay. With patience, consistency and fun, you will have a puppy who is far more interested in being with you than running off to explore on his own.

This is when strange things, noises and people who they have not yet been exposed to can be very scary. This foundation work with your puppy is the ounce of prevention you need to set the stage for an adult dog who would rather stay with you than run away. A great way to engage with your puppy is to toss a toy away from you and then, as soon as he gets it, run away from him. Do not leave him off leash or unattended in a yard where, if he gets scared, he can run away. Her major goal is that her puppy will grow into an adult who will come when called and will be able to hike off leash in her woods.

As soon as his head turns, using a clicker (a simple noisemaker that I use to mark the moment the puppy does the right thing) I click once and give the puppy a piece of food.
If he gets distracted, I do not repeat the cue but instead clap my hands or pat my leg and coax the puppy back to me.

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