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Crate-Train Your DogThe quickest and easiest way to prevent your dog from chewing up the carpet is to crate-train him. Use Taste DeterrentsIf your dog has particular areas he likes to chew, such as around the door frame or the top of the stairs, you can put a quick stop to his bad behavior by using a commercial taste deterrent. Increase His ExerciseBad behavior, such as chewing on carpet, is often the result of your dog having too much energy.
Visit the VetIf you have worked diligently with your dog -- changing his lifestyle so he gets plenty of exercise and making sure he's supervised closely when loose in the house -- and he still wants to chew the carpet, a visit to the vet may be in order. If you want to stop your pup chewing her way through everything you own you're going to have to be pro-active. One of the first steps towards putting an end to the destruction, is to start by taking a walk in your puppy's boots! It's exactly what it says, a bitter-tasting spray that's been specifically formulated to discourage puppy chewing behavior.
Best Kong Puppy Teething Toys Oct 17, 15 08:41 PMKong puppy teething toys are designed to meet your pup's chewing needs. Reason 1: For young dogs under eight months, the issue is probably rooted in bodily modifications. Reason 4: Kennel disorder is an additional typical but not as commonly reviewed reason for dogs chewing. In order to fully understand how to definitively stop your dog from chewing your stuff and just how crucial it truly is to modify any specific personality difficulties of your dog and discover all the other aspects of training a dog. See Doggy Dan demonstrate his easy, gentle way to get dogs to listen to him in these videos. Crate-training has other benefits as well -- it is much easier to house-train a dog who is crate-trained, and he will also stay out of trouble more easily if you can stick him in the crate while you aren't around.
Don't assume that because he has access to a fenced yard or you take him on a walk every day that your dog is getting enough exercise.
Don't leave him alone in the house while you go outside to get the mail, or leaving him sleeping in the living room while you take a shower.

If you look at young children, you’ll notice that they look, touch and afterwards bite.
For an animal that’s been maltreated in the past and you are now the owner, you could see some plaster chewing around your home as your new friend tries to obtain some essential calcium.
As expected, trying to transform nature is a challenging point however, it can be resolved with much persistence and love.
These animal toys are not checked as children’s toys are, so you might be turning over a squeaky plaything that falls apart when chewed on and might create choking. Other than selecting the appropriate dimension for your pet, there are a few key words to keep an eye out for.
Much like you relocate breakable stuff as you would when an infant child starts to stroll, getting a brand-new canine means chew-proofing your home for a while, at least until your puppy shows adult social behavior. Humans discover how to be social and dogs require the exact same form of input, therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time with your animal. Walking around in the park or playing fetch helps to run off excess energy and also is considered as the primary social task by your dog. When discovering your clothes hamper has a few raggedly chewed pieces of clothing, remember that a few months of learning to be social will be followed by at least a decade of mutual love and companionship.
Have a look at the video training that teaches you everything to train your dog using gentle methods that works, in a clear and in simple way.
Whatever his reason for acting badly, you want to stop him and redirect his attention before he destroys your carpets.
It's normal for your dog to whine or bark when initially introduced to the crate, but most dogs quickly come around to spending time there. Introduce your dog to the taste deterrent by wetting a cotton ball with the liquid and handing it to your dog. Once your dog has shown that he will chew on the carpet, it's up to you to keep an eye on him constantly until the issue is resolved. If your vet suspects that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, he can give you some tips for behavior modification as well as prescription medication that may ease his symptoms.

If you go to work all the time, your pet dog might get the feeling of being deserted– or tired. As we grow up, we learn to look as well as touch and we stop biting to gather information by taste. A young puppy runs around with its mommy and the rest of the pack, chewing everything in sight where it gradually discovers when and where chewing is ok.
You may wish to consult a vet if you have a dog whose chewing habits are unusual, or who has bad teeth. If your pup puts his teeth to the couch cushion, remove him delicately and provide the chew bone. You can ease the transition by having a special toy, perhaps a chew toy you can fill with treats, that he only gets when crated.
This way he will associate the odor with the taste, and when he smells it on the carpet he will automatically avoid it. Buy some excellent chew bones and also urge your pet to lower those to shreds rather than your shoes.
You may abandon the day job, work from home, or switch to a task where your pet dog could come with you– but those changes are impossible for many people.
This is why a lot of folks make a decision that having two pet dogs are much better compared to one. With time, dogs will learn how to look and continue sniffing but eventually stops chewing things, but this takes time and persistence not to mention, patience.
Taste deterrents are safe on most surfaces, but you may want to do a test spray behind the sofa or in some other unobtrusive area to make sure it doesn't fade or darken your carpet.

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