How to stop puppy from biting leash

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If you limit training to reprimanding your puppy for biting without giving an outlet for the biting, you will only frustrate your puppy and create more problems. Another exercise that will help your puppy understand how to appropriately use their teeth is to teach them to take food gently from your hands and fingers.
Remember, if your puppy does not trust and respect you, then you will both be frustrated on all levels of training, whether it be biting or housetraining or calling your puppy to come to you.
Make sure there are plenty of toys and chewies around for your puppy to bite and play with.

But before the puppy will accept this instruction from you, it's important that your puppy look at you with respect and trust.
Once your puppy catches on, then it's time to redefine a "hard bite" and consider all biting as too hard.
But this should only be used after the puppy is cradling and chilling for you without struggling. At this stage in the training you must now teach your puppy that NO MOUTHING OR BITING IS EVER ALLOWED, no matter how "soft" the mouthing or biting might be.

Set up training sessions when you have your full wits about you and the puppy is neither tired nor overly worked up. Once your puppy learns to cradle and chill, then you can begin teaching your puppy to stop biting.

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