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Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons, but if your dog is barking at noises, either specific ones or just noises in general, he’s probably trying to be helpful, letting you know that there is something new in the area. Step 4Repeat the process, but this time, have one of the trigger sounds begin after he is relaxed, but at a very low volume, too low to trigger barking.
Step 5Ask him to lie down whenever you hear one of the sounds he responds to outside and before he starts barking.
If you are having problems getting him to stop barking and the habit is really annoying you, consult a professional dog trainer.
There are other devices, including collars, that are supposed to stop dogs barking by releasing a citrus scent or emitting a very high-pitched sound.
If you do not, in fact, need to be told every time a car passes or the phone rings, and are beginning to find this highly annoying, practice some simple training techniques that accustom him to the noises.

For example, if he barks at vehicles driving past, note how close and how loud the vehicle is when he starts. If he has already started and is ignoring your command, startle him by making a loud noise yourself, such as clapping your hands or slamming a door, then ask him to lie down again once his attention is on you.
If you want to train him to stop barking on command, regardless of the reason, you first need to teach him to “speak” on cue, then to stop, which is a different technique.
You do not want him to associate barking with getting something nice, or you’ll have a whole new set of problems to deal with.
As the Humane Society points out, yelling when your dog barks sounds to him like you are joining in. During training, focus on the everyday sounds that you want him to ignore, not a random selection of strange noises.

If he is barking to raise the alarm, to establish his territory or to alert you to something, he’ll probably be quite stiff. If he is barking to say hello, for example when he hears voices, he’ll be a lot more relaxed.

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