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Tell every member of your family to quit giving your dog food from the table, food from the couch, food from the chair, food from the desk etc. Human taste discrimination is so crude when compared to the dog's that many owners fail to appreciate the mistake of giving their pups little treats of the family food fare.
In the case of food stealing, the training method of extinguishing the behaviour requires even more careful control of the environment, especially when young children are involved. To eliminate stealing, whether it is overt (taking food from children) or covert (pilfering the thawing dinner steak), it is necessary to initiate a program of at least 4 weeks, during which no food is ever placed within the pup's reach. Remedies that often fail include lacing some food with pepper or ammonia, saying "No-no" while tempting the pup, and physically punishing the animal when it approaches the family's food.
Begging food from the dinner table is one of the easiest things to teach a dog, and also one of the hardest habits to break. Chances are, if you have this problem, you've tried to stop his begging, you've yelled at him when he begs, pushed him away, and even gotten really angry, but he just gets more persistent.
When you are tired of this behaviour and want to end it, when you get to the point that you can't stand the drooling, the whining, the pawing and the sad eyes staring at you, then you have to steel yourself for the cure. When your dog is steady enough to do the long “Down” away from your side during dinner, then establish his place where he stays while you eat. Unless they are trained not to do so, most dogs will form the natural habit of begging for both attention and food. For starters, begging is another form of demanding and it gives your dog an aspect of control within the family "pack".
If you do not think that your dog could ever possibly bite your hand because he expects you to give him food every time he begs, think again. After some time, his dog matured and grew bigger, and my friend did not realize that he was reinforcing a dominant leadership role into his dog every time he gave in to begging.
The above example may seem a bit extreme and you still probably could never imagine you're adorable dog biting you in the attempt to get food that he was expecting.
When Sparky has learned to accept tethering, set up his tether in the dining room away from the table, a distance that's comfortable for you and at least far enough so the dog won't be tripped over as the family moves around the table. Occasionally, when your pup is relaxed and quiet, calmly praise him, and walk over to feed him a treat.
It's normal for puppies to pick up everything with their mouths – that's how they explore the world.
When Sparky does find a forbidden object, your first instinct will be to run after him and grab it away, telling him he's a bad pup - but stop - that's the worst thing you can do.
After a few repetitions, start saying “give” first, then offer the treat in trade for the toy. To train your dog to stop begging for human food, you should completely ignore him when you are eating. If you are trying to prevent your dog from begging, the best thing to do is ignore the begging completely.
Sign up for the free K9 Magazine newsletter and we'll send you The 100 Greatest Dog Training Tips of All Time eBook (normally sells for 7.99). Stop dog' counter surfing, food stealing & thieving, Discover why your dog steals, thieves and counter surfs for food and other household items. Dog begging table, training, tips, prevention, Webmd discusses begging at the table including prevention and training tips.6 easy steps dog stop begging food, My advice is don’t begin to feed your dog from the table in the first place.
Feeding puppy - puppy food, Feeding your puppy brought to you by: purina dog food genetics, care and nutrition are the key factors influencing the development of a puppy.
How to stop puppy biting: training puppies not to bite - It’s important to help your puppy learn to curb his mouthy behavior, biting and nipping. Stop boxer dog aggression - Aggression in boxer dogs is a common type of behavior mostly seen in untrained dogs of misinformed owners.

Most people give in every once in a while and give some scraps to their begging dog, and this reinforces the undesirable behavior. Refusing to acknowledge your dog when you are eating is crucial to both preventing a begging habit and stopping an existing problem. If even one person in your household gives in and feeds from the table, your effort will be compromised. In addition, begging is a habit that undermines the joy of living with a well behaved house pet. If there is no pay off, the dog will eventually stop trying, especially if you start administering time outs.
When guests are around, this is a good time to remove the temptation and use the crate or another room to remove the dog from the dinner table.
This version of Stop Your Dog from Begging was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on April 22, 2015. Many times it only takes one taste of highly spiced table food to ruin a puppy's appreciation for its less-seasoned commercial diet. The time it takes depends on the duration of the habit, the pup's tenacity, and the consistency of its owners in carrying out corrective procedures. They usually love to share their goodies with their pets, but it is impractical to explain the cause-effect relationship to such youngsters when they complain that "Sparky jumped up and stole my ice cream cone!" Children also tend to leave articles of food around on low tables and chairs, an irresistible temptation for most puppies.
These fail because they require the presence of some agent other than the food, either the aversive-tasting element or the owner. Some dogs bark repeatedly and go through all manner of random actions to try to get you to feed them from the table. For years a friend of mine would hand feed his puppy pieces of food at any time of the day he was eating. Once he decided to change this behaviour with his dog, he learned quickly just how dangerous the situation was.
However, the problem is real and you must start early in your puppy's life with instilling the rules when it comes to begging. This may take some time but eventually he will remain in a sit position until after your dinner is over and then of course you should praise his actions by offering him up a nice hot meal that he can eat in his own food bowl, and only after everybody else is finished eating. For example, I consider it polite in my household if my four dogs lie quietly at our feet while we eat. You can make life easier for you and your pup if you do a good job of management – basically, keep non-chew objects out of your pup's reach. Plus, it's a great way to teach him a delightful game of canine keep-away (from his puppy perspective).
With practice, he'll learn to drop the toy on the give cue, and you can treat randomly – but sometimes, not always, eventually stopping the treats altogether with just using praise. If you pay attention to him, he will think he has a chance of getting your food, and therefore he will never stop begging. Here you'll find advice on everything from dog training to dog diet advice as well as interviews with well known dog lovers and insightful features on the broadest range of canine lifestyle topics.
If you remove the dog a few tiomes then place it, again without looking or speaking on its own for a while ( naughty step!) where it cannot see you and then let it out when calm. However, within an hour of his feeding time he is whining for more food and it is driving us crazy. If you can train your dog to go somewhere else on command, or confine it to another area, this may stop it from begging. This might seem worse than the begging, but if you stick with the routine and are consistent, you will eventually stop the undesired behavior. The dog should have a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight for a long life, and feeding from the table will compromise those goals.

She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums. In some cases, it is learned when food is accidentally dropped on the floor, or left unattended where the puppy can get at it. The result can be a pup that turns up its nose at dog food and becomes a roaring menace around the dinner table.
It requires that absolutely no attention be given the begging pup, regardless of its antics in trying to gain tidbits.
It does not take too many repetitions before he learns that he gets fed from the table by begging.
Be prepared for many interruptions initially, while you reinforce his “Down.” Each time he gets up, repeat the command and replace it if necessary so that he remains down during your dinner. Anyways, while it seems adorable when Sparky rolls over on his back expecting a belly rub every time you enter the room, or just sits all teary-eyed staring straight at your plate of food when you're eating dinner, this behaviour has the possibility to gain momentum and become aggressive. At one of his meals, my friend absolutely refused to feed his dog anything and the begging and crying turned into aggression and barking. If they don't beg, bark, whine or otherwise nudge us for treats, they get an occasional treat from our dinner. Help your puppy acclimatize to being on the tether outside of mealtime so you won't have to constantly interrupt your meals to train. If you ignore him during your mealtime, he will soon learn that begging is pointless and stop.
Thus, if you give a dog food so that it will stop begging at the table one night, you're only making the dog more inclined to beg for food again the next night.
Your dog will learn quickly and remember for a long time that the begging ended up with you paying attention to the dog. How can i help to stop this because she is ruining the sofa and its not hygenic for a dog to be where the food is in the kitchen, thanks. Sometimes breaking yourself of your own bad habits can be a challenging but necessary part of ending the begging. It learns to discriminate between treated and untreated morsels, and to avoid food in the owner's presence.
Each time you have tried holding out longer, but have ultimately given in, you have further trained him that no matter how far away the rainbow looks, there is a pot of gold at the end if he simply waits. If you give in at any time, no matter how small the tidbit you sneak him, not only have you lost that battle, you may very well have lost the entire war. Then without notice, his dog leaped up onto his plate and snapped at the food, taking a little bit of my friends flesh with it.
Eventually, teach the dog that a short, sharp play session is 'the treat' and working for positive reinforcement doesn't have to be centred around food. However, if you can dedicate yourself to breaking the cycle of begging for a few weeks, the problem can usually be resolved.
If you have made up your mind that you don't want begging, then it's just a matter of time before you have your dog resigned to the fact that the party is over, at least at the dinner table. Meanwhile, use a crate or baby gate to confine your pup so you can have relaxed, puppy-free meals.

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