How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Teaching your dog door manners means that you should teach your dog to sit when he goes to the door. To learn door manners your dog will need to already know how to sit when you ask him and he should know the stay command.
Sometime when you are trying to get your puppy to come and they are excited about being free, they may think you are playing a game and run away from you, you know, the little but scoot run that they do in circles.
My problem with my dog is he knows how to come and does it great but when he sees other people and especially dogs he runs to be near them and then won’t come back until I catch him or the other owner does.
Wayne Booth created this blog site to give you information on dog training, behavior and health. In order to keep your dog from running, you need to make it worth his while to stay with you. Whether someone knocks on the door or you are planning to exit through the door, if your dog goes to the door he should sit and stay there until you release him. Gradually you will be opening the door in a normal way and counting on your dog to remain sitting while you do so.

When someone knocks at the door, as you open the door let them know your dog is in training and don’t make eye contact or talk to the dog until it is calm.
This blog was started for his dog training clients and has grown to a blog for dog owners and trainers all over the world.
I want to teach my Yorkshire Terrier to do off-leash work, but he bolts every chance he gets and will take off running without coming back. Dogs in general are wired to explore their environment and seek out new things, including social interactions, food and mates. Dogs not only need the basic essentials, such as food, water and shelter, but they need enrichment, including social interaction.
This usually occurs when you open the door for some reason and your dog seizes the opportunity to take off. She also jumps on guests when they come in, I’ll definitely use both suggestions to make her an even more perfect companion!
There are a couple of ways to approach this problem but the best way is to teach your dog some door manners.

Huskies are one such breed that is bred to run, and run they will when given a chance, unless they have been taught otherwise. Dogs running out of fear need immediate help from a veterinary behaviorist or a certified trainer. Independent breeds, such as the Shiba Inu, may be more confident in escaping and venturing out on their own than a dog bred for companionship, such as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which are more likely to stay close to its owner. However, regardless of breed, each dog is an individual and can act outside of the breed standard based on their personality, training and comfort in a given situation.
You will need to practice in an enclosed area, especially when you start practicing off-lead.

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