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Dog to dog aggression is a complex canine behavioral problem, which requires an individual approach in each case. Environment – living conditions, lack of socialization, excessive punishment, being attacked or frightened by an aggressive dog, being isolated from human contact or being exposed to frequent teasing by children or even being spoiled by owners.
In most cases aggression towards other dogs can be the result of poor early socialization, a bad experience in the past or a dominance struggle. Don’t ever be mistaken that dog to dog aggression is normal and nothing can be done about it. The first rule for preventing problems is to choose the right breed and puppy for the right owner. Once a dog has reached dominant status, punishment cannot be used to cope with its aggression.
Food rewards are good for training young puppies, but as dogs get older, they must receive praise for good behavior and mild discipline for bad behavior. And what is most important – prevention of aggression requires that the owner win each and every confrontation with the dog. Since every dog lives in a “pack” which consists of you, your family members and other dogs living in the house, dogs have to set up who is the leader of their pack.
Some dogs are not necessarily aggressive to the house mates, but they can’t help themselves towards neighborhood dogs.
Getting your dog used to being around other dogs is a series of situations involving gradually reducing the distance between your dog and the others. Once you feel that your dog can be relaxed while walking close to other dogs, you can begin the positive association process. If the two dogs appear safe together, remove the head collar to allow them to sniff one another and play.

Get your dog used to interacting positively with new dogs by joining a training club or taking her on walks with other dog guardians. While the stray issue needs dedicated focus, there are numerous reports online about pet aggression too.
Dog’s possessiveness and protecting valuable things: For some dogs, the way to ‘protect’ their ‘valuables’ is through aggression.
Aggression due to fear: Like people, dogs are naturally fearful of unfamiliar and new circumstances.
Prey-driven aggression: You may have witnessed a lot of stray dogs running behind cyclists, motor vehicles or joggers. Protective breeds such as Dobermans and Rottweiler’s are supposed to be more aggressive than Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.
Dogs have to earn everything they receive from their owners and not to receive excessive praise for doing nothing as it elevates the dog’s social status and sends him mixed signals.
Dog to dog aggression is never acceptable and you have to work on it as soon as it’s revealed. Imagine, two dogs are fighting and are in a position to attack, when suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs them.
Often people and children who do not understand how to control their own behaviour get bitten by dogs.
Dog aggression can be seen in all breeds of dogs, although some dog breeds have a predisposition to display it. They resist handling, hate to have their feet touched, don’t like to be groomed, and often shy away from human hands. Dogs are territorial by nature and have a strong pack mentality, so any threat to the order can instigate them.

While, some breeds like guard dogs or herding dogs are claimed to be more prone to this kind of aggression, any breed can adopt this mannerism. Fear aggression can happen when you suddenly wake up a sleeping dog or startle a dog with loud noise.
If your pet dog suffers from any medical condition like severe otitis, hip dysplasia, rectum issue, then you need to stay away from the sore areas when handling your dogs. In order to ensure that we for a mutually beneficial relationship create a society where dogs and humans co-exist, we need to know the reason why dogs bite.
The best way of trying to control this behaviour is to train your dog from the beginning; especially, if you have a large breed.
Dominant-aggressive dogs are demanding attention (to go outside, excessive affection), they are possessive of their sleeping areas, and stop eating when approached. They should never be part of rough, aggressive play such as hand-fighting, wrestling, or tug-of-war games and never be physically punished for aggressive behavior. Simple commands like ‘leave it’, ‘let go’ or ‘drop it’ can work well if your pet has toy aggression. On the street, if you are ever faced with a situation where you have an aggressive stray, do not run.
If you are in a situation where you must lay hands on fighting dogs, stay as far away from the mouth as possible and move swiftly.

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