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Take your dog outside after 3 key events: Right after waking upAfter each one of his mealsAfter play time. The key to potty training a puppy successfully is to click and praise appropriate behavior. Using a schedule is a great way to teach your pet a routine but life is often more complicated than that.Potty training a puppy also requires that you learn how to read your pet's body signals. As your puppy starts growing older and learning to go potty outside, you can start giving your pet more freedom. Return from Potty Training a Puppy to Puppy Training.Return from Potty Training a Puppy to Home page.
June 20, 2014 By Shawna 1 Comment If you are keeping your puppy in the house, then one of the first things that you will want to do is work on house training your little pup. When I was younger, these puppy house training pads were not really a big thing and my dad just used old newspaper in the corner. If you are going to attempt to use pee pads with your new puppy, then you cannot just place them in a corner of your house or the puppy pen and expect the little furry cutie to go to the bathroom there. The use of puppy pads, or pee pads, should ideally start on the day that you first get the new pet in the home.
These are great for puppies as well as smaller dogs, plus you get 100 of them at a super low price. Puppy pads are a joke, all you are doing is teaching these dogs how it is alright to pee and defecate in your home, take the puppy pads away and the first place they head is to your carpets or any clothing you may have on the floor. No matter how much we love our pets, may it be a cat, bird, fish, rabbit, guinea pig, tea cup pig, monkey, cobra or (in my case) a dog, we just can’t escape the fact that we have to leave them at home, work and make a living. Sure, many dog owners prefer letting their cute and lovely pets outside the premises of the house for potty business.
Potty training is definitely one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to owning a puppy.
Sure, dogs are pretty much one of the cutest, most loving, most adorable, and most fantastic pets EVAAAAH. However, being a dog owner is not always gonna be pure sunshine and cuteness overload days.
Video: puppy potty training - ehow, Potty training your new puppy or dog takes patience and commitment, and is often made easier with consistent crate training. Puppy dog potty training, housebreaking, housetraining, Welcome to puppy dog potty training!

Puppy potty training method to house train your puppy or - Puppy potty training method designed to quickly house train your puppy or older dog. These are the times at which the puppy will need to eliminate and because you can arrange for this times to be scheduled according to your availability, you can use them to teach your dog to ONLY eliminate outside.
When you take your pet outside after a meal or waking up, let your dog explore and pay NO attention to him. When it comes to housebreaking a new puppy, there are a few different thoughts on the absolute best way to do it, but using puppy training pads is probably the most common. Now that I am older, I have test out these puppy pee pads for myself to see if they really work or if they are a waste of money.
The reason for that is because they can work when it comes to potty training that new puppy. Without training, you’ll end up with the puppy going to the bathroom behind the couch or other areas of the house and using the potty pad to sleep on or just avoiding it all together. You can find these at local pet stores, or if you have time to wait for delivery, you can get a great price on them online on Amazon.
I suggest that you give them a try if you can as they work well and have a cheap, low price. Puppy pads should only be used by those that can’t take their dogs for a walk or if the dogs are sick. If you are too busy and at work the whole day, you would not have the liberty to take your dog out for potty. It means you should measure the correct amount of food, place the food bowl down on the floor for up to 15 min, letting the dog eat during that time and then picking it back up and emptying it out.Efficient and scheduled eating is key when potty training a puppy. If the crate is bigger your dog might find a spot to pee and still sleep comfortably away from it.
This could be subtle things, so your keen eye needs to stay alert throughout the training process to learn this.
In this case DO NOT punish your dog (NEVER yell, hit, kick your puppy), clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner and continue with the plan. In fact, many people swear that they offer the easy way to potty train a puppy in the home. In fact, I think the best puppy training pads value for the money are the All-absorb Training Pads. Good thing that there are different ways on how to successfully teach your puppy the proper toilet manners.

And come on, you can’t deny the fact that pet dogs can relieve stress in their own special ways.
It is just a matter of learning the best way to communicate what you want in a way in which your pet can understand it. This means that only when your puppy is about 6 months of age he will be able to hold his bladder for 7-8 hours (a work day).
This is important for what is about to happen.The moment your puppy finishes his business you will click, praise, treat, celebrate and play!…yes, take your time to do all this. Common behaviors are circling, smelling, walking towards the door that leads outside, pawing the door or trying to get your attention. Come to think of it: no matter how busy we are, we still have to feed, play, and train our pets – no matter what! The thing about training pet dogs is that; it is easier for them to learn if they are still puppies and still teachable. Water should be available every hour and as your dog learns to only go potty outside become available throughout the day.
Learning these body cues your dog performs before going potty will help you on days where the schedule has been changed.
If you punish your pet (by rubbing his nose on the soiled area or any other form of punishment) for something he did in the past, he won't understand it is because of him peeing inside.
Your pet might learn that going potty signals going back inside, and he might start delaying this event. Your puppy will think he was punished for whatever it is he was doing 2 seconds before the punishment (sleeping, playing, etc.). Instead, spending a few minutes after he is done with play and walk time will make this a great routine your dog will want to continue doing. We currently have no means of telling a dog that something that he did in the past was wrong, as we would tell a child or adult human. Using a clicker to mark the correct behavior is great because the timing will be excellent and the dog already has a good association with the click sound.

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