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New pitbull owners often get intimidated by the frenzy long-time owners get into when they talk about weight, strength, muscles, and more. You can't do anything to get your dog healthy and fit unless you have the right foundations.
Any pitbull of appropriate age should be given enough exercise apart from weight-pulling and other specific exercises for pitbull strength training. If your dog is exercising and eating right but can't seem to put on muscle weight, it might be lacking some crucial nutrient. It's actually fairly easy to perform pitbull strength training if you focus on the main elements – a good diet, supplements to provide missing nutrients, frequent exercise, and weight-pulling exercises. There is an entire community of competitive animals and owners who enter pitbull competitions, and even for non-competitive types, strength training is beneficial. Some people start their dogs young while others wait until they are older, then begin training.
There's a number of cheap brands that state that their dog foods contain a high percentage of protein. Make sure you begin obedience training when your dog is a puppy, and seek out a professional if necessary.
Consider adding a supplement to your dog's diet to help build weight and muscle and with pitbull strength training.

Don't start from a very young age – let your dog grow naturally until it has significant muscle and weight gain before strength training, as starting your dog's routine before it's ready can cause damage.
Keep in mind, there are three main factors in a dog food that will help build muscle - Fat, Protein, and Carbs.
Whether you need a protection dog, family dog, show dog, or a dog that will be brought into your breeding program, we have what you're looking for. It's important for your dog to perform at its maximum capabilities so it is muscled and presents a sleek physique, avoids joint problems caused by poor muscle strength, and is happy and healthy.
Make sure you're not feeding your pitbull a dog food that is based on cheap filling ingredients like corn and other grain byproducts, and ensure your dog food has lots of protein.
You should also ensure you're feeding your pitbull often enough, but not too often – overfeeding can cause fat weight gain, which is bad for any dog, rather than muscle gain which comes from a good diet and proper pitbull strength training. Obedience training involves getting your dog to sit, stay, come, heel, and other basic commands, and it is crucial if you want your pitbull to be accepted in society.
Make sure you know what weights to start at based on your dog's weight, age, sex, and muscles. When done right, strength training will make your dog healthier and happier, provide you both with a stress outlet, and ensure your dog stays obedient and does not develop behavioral issues from not having its natural strength utilized on a regular basis.
If you are a hunter or fish you can save some money by bringing your dog home raw animal meat (Such as deer), or a piece of raw fish.

Nobody wants to be on the same sidewalk as a pitbull who won't stay by an owner's heel when walking! If your dog is struggling excessively, downgrade the weights and opt for a longer pulling session with lower weights.
Pitbull-specific supplements are best, but most muscled dogs take the same style of supplements.
A dog who doesn't get enough exercise is more likely to be unhappy and exhibit behavioral problems like barking or aggression. Moreover, when you're trying to get your dog to do the exercises you want, it will be far easier if your dog already listens to you and knows basic commands.
It helps to tap into a community of pitbull owners when learning how to perform proper pitbull strength training. If you don't hunt, you can substitute with a Whey Protein powder for dogs (Such as Gorilla Max). Protein powders for dogs like Gorilla Max are ranked as one of the best protein sources for dogs.

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