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Fence jumping is a hard habit to break, because dogs feel accomplished once they reach their goal (getting over the fence). Let’s take a few moments to try and figure out why your dog is jumping over the fence.
If your dog is a jumper and you are in the process of making changes to prevent them from jumping, make sure that your dog wears an ID tag at all times, as well as having them spayed or neutered. One of the easiest ways to prevent your dog from jumping the fence is to make it impossible to jump. If your dog is climbing up part of the fence, and not making a clear jump over, staple chicken wire to the inside of the fence.
While this is not a direct way to stop your dog from jumping the fence, you may want to invest in some outdoor dog toys that your dog will enjoy.
That would help prevent their dog from getting over, and be cheaper than the lawsuit they would face after their dog gets out and mauls someone. They spend countless hours attempting these jumps until they finally have success and make it over their target! You may need to check with your homeowner’s association first, but most local hardware stores sell fence extenders. If he is eyeing the cat next door, and this is what is tempting him to jump the fence, eliminating the temptation might do the trick.
If he needs to back up and run to make his jump, this will prevent the run up and he will not be able to gain enough momentum. Most invisible fences nowadays work with a collar that the dog wears that is linked to the fence.
If they love playing in your own yard, they may not be interested anymore on what the other side of the fence holds. If they are confined to one area of the yard, and cannot get out, then the fence is no longer an issue. This becomes especially crucial if your dog is outside alone while you are not home to discipline him. If you want to keep them, make sure to move them towards the center of your yard away from any fencing section.
Most dogs don’t like the feeling of the wire on their paws and will avoid that area after stepping on it once or twice. The sensation from a collar may be uncomfortable and startling to your dog, but it will not hurt him. It will soon become easy to them, and you’ll find it very difficult to keep them in your yard. Many dogs only feel the sensation once or twice and don’t challenge the system afterwards. The sensation from the collar is similar to the feeling you get when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob.
Tyson fears the dog will jump over the fence again and then escape into the neighborhood and harm children.
She is calling on animal control to warn her neighbors about properly containing their dogs.By Mary Tyson, Lancaster resident and concerned dog loverI am submitting this issue to raise awareness about irresponsible dog owners.
This dog is located in the area of East Avenue K and Challenger Way in Lancaster.This dog will jump and lunge nonstop to an obsessive point.
It will only take one time for someone to get seriously hurt.In April, our neighbors informed us that the dog has never gotten out and that they do not lock up their dogs. When we entered the back yard, we were told by the owners that the dogs were fighting over food.In June, the dog lunged over the fence and I literally had spit on my neck. Animal control said they reactivated my June complaint on September 4.On September 8, I called back and was told there was no record [of my complaint].

The day before there was an article about the 3 yr old attacked and I felt bad for the dog just as I do for my neighbors dog. Seems like you have some bad neighbors and a dog that has learnt some bad behaviors and is obviously untrained and left alone. They said if the dog is still jumping over the fence, they would start another call.So here we are again waiting for a response from animal control.
I would like to unplug the Taser I have at my back door.We just adopted a pit bull mix in August, and we went through an interview to make sure we were suitable. He never attacked anyone or barked at anyone, he’d get out and sit on the front porch and whine like a scared mouse if someone came near, he was more scared of others. He’s in Mojave now on a ranch, miss him, but it was what was best for him and the neighborhood kids who would get scared of him cause of his size. However, treating when they are quiet and behaving will help encourage the types of behavior you really want. I have family & friends not willing to come over because of the risk of something happening.
I know she lunged at me at 1am because she had a job to do, just like I needed to bring my dog out. I had an issue with another neighbor feeding my pit treats, they would wedge slim jims in the fence.
If someone in my family or my dog gets attacked animal control is going after her and not the people who should have prevented it.
Then one time in another community I was nearly attacked by 2 pits who had escaped their yard. Sheriffs hit both dogs with bean bag rounds twice and the dogs still lunged at the officers. If the dog thinks that it can get treats from her, it may try harder to get all the way over the fence. It is rare, but if she were to make the dog sick, she could be liable for animal endangerment. There was no malice or intent to harm and since any reasonable person would not consider the act harmful, especially under the circumstances, it is not likely a judge would find on favor of the dog owner.
And since a food allergy in most cases causes mild stomach discomfort and possible skin irritation, it is unlikely there would be any vets bill to recompense.
There are a few landmark cases where a pet was severely injured or even killed and the offending party was order to pay restitution above the actual cost of the pet. I don’t think that the officer assigned to the case has ever been out to see what is happening. This is recent because just a year ago they would send out an officer right away to resolve the issue.
I know because I was attacked and bitten by a stray dog when I was taking my evening walk over a year ago. They picked up the dog and drove to my house to show me that they had captured it and they asked to see my bite to make sure that I was okay. They also used to come out and ask the irresponsible dog owners if they can prove that they have registered their dog(s) with the County. This was very effective because many would just get rid of their dogs if they had not intention to register and spade, etc the dog. I have oned several dogs over the years and I learned from them that they are very sensitive to your absence from the property and they respond ofter with extreme anxiety.
If people would just pay attention to their dogs, truly understand their anxiety, and try to reduce it as much as possible, then there would be much less of these problems.
They do not care about them, they are not here to listen to these dogs barking incessantly for hours and hours…They go off to work at 1 AM and the dogs start barking as soon as they drive away.

When I moved to Littlerock 10 years ago, I used to take my camera and go for long walks in the desert taking pictures. The response I got when the officer showed up in my driveway as I was returning home after actually going to the neighbors to complain yet again, was that there were procedures which had to be followed…meanwhile I am not getting any sleep for weeks on end.
I have been tempted to just open the gate and take the dog away from them and take it to the shelter. I just find it hard to understand how people can be so inconsiderate of their neighbors and their pets. Nancy P September 18, 2013 at 9:02 pm1 AM, maybe you woke the dog up in the middle of the night, and he thought YOU were an intruder trying to break into his house or his neighbors house.
What was I thinking wanting to walk into my own yard while they sat in their dining room watching out the sliding glass door. Stop being a victim and accept the fact it takes all kinds of people to keep this earth in orbit. Sorry, you are so bent on people feeling sorry for you and you enraging the pack mentality to come to your defense. But honestly, with out video, it is really hard to say the dog is vicious and not just hyper and overly friendly. WE NEED BOTH SIDES AND THEN THE TRUTH ryan September 18, 2013 at 4:43 pmThat is beyond the point! It is alarming when you see a pit jumping like that, but they are trying to see what it on the other side of the fence. I hope the situation with this poor dog gets handled in a positive way, with the dog not being harmed. Shame on those of you who talk about killing this dog when there are relatively easy and harmless ways to alleviate the perceived threat. Samantha September 21, 2013 at 3:30 amIt is not safe nor her responsibility to get to know an aggressive dog.
The only thing I would ask to see is that the situation changes so that EVERYBODY can be safe… Humans and dogs alike.
Ryan September 18, 2013 at 4:40 pmYou dont understand that, that dog can possibly jump that fense and do damage to little kids. I have a 1 year old child, and I personally would be super scared of my neighbors wild pit being near him.
Just like the family who allowed their German shepherd into a stressful environment and an attack happened.
Or how about the ignorant owners who leave her outside all day like a lawn ornament aak September 18, 2013 at 4:29 pmI would consider getting something stronger than a taser if I was you.
First I would never want anyone bit on my own negligence and second the speed limit is to high out here and I live by a busy street. I grew up breeding labradors but fell in love with pits when I worked at raining cats & dog kennels. We were calling animal control constantly when we first moved here, but they told us that they have so many dog complaints in the AV that it’s hard to get to all of them. What difference does it make what they are doing in their back yard at 1:00am, that is absolutely none of your business or mine.
It looks like the neighbor is taking some precautions, but they don’t look to be substantial to keep the dogs in their own yard.
Palmdale Resident September 18, 2013 at 10:40 pmNo, the story states that in April they ran out to the yelling.

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